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Rhomboid Strain?


I'm pretty sure this must have happened to somebody before but I couldn't find anything really specific on the site search...

Last week I was doing a session of RDLs and shortly after I got home I noticed a pain in the rhomboid/lower trap area of my left side.

Perhaps I let my form slip a little on one of my final reps. I was getting a sharp pain in there whenever I pulled my shoulders back and squeezed my scapulae together. I left it for a couple of days until the pain subsided and then I did a few sets pullups at the end of my leg session last Thursday. As soon as I finished my final set I noticed the same pain was come back but much sharper this time and it was instant. It was quite painful actually just holding my shoulders in the right position.

I iced it as soon as I got home and I have rested it since. I have been stretching but it has been over 5 days now and I am still getting the same pain when squeezing the shoulders together or raising the left arm up vertical. The pain is localised to the same area as described above - the inside edge of the left scapula, it definitely feels like the rhomboid. At this point it doesnt feel like it would hold up well at all doing any kind of shoulder/back work.

I was wondering what I could do to help this along. I've looked at some experiences with rhomboid strains on google and it says some injuries can take up to 4 weeks to heal? Is there anything that I can do to help this along a bit faster?

I was also thinking about what exercises would help strengthen the area. Mike Robertson's article on Pushups, Facepulls and Shrugs definitely looks like a winner. However before I do this I just want to make sure that this wouldn't cause me to injure myself more? Also, is it safe to use a tennis ball or foam roller on the area when I am still experiencing pain?

Thanks for your help in advance