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Rhomboid Pain from Cleans

I recently started to feel a sharp pain in my rhomboids (not sure if that’s the exact muscle the hurts, it hurts at the inner lining of the lats). I have been doing olympic lifts for almost 4 years now and never had this problem before. I took some 4-5 weeks off and then started doing some cleans again and it suddenly started to hurt when I was cleaning 80kg (max is 110).

I took 10 days off after that and started again yesterday and it still hurts when I go close to 60-70. The pain doesn’t go away after warming up. I do barbell rows quite regularly (once a week, till about 3 reps of 75-85kg if doing heavy or 5-8 reps of 50-55kg if doing light)
Anyone had this problem before? I am just coming out of a long break and I hate to take time off again…