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Rhomboid (?) Injury


Hey guys new poster here.
So about 3 months ago I hurt my rhomboid/trap near the spine doing smith machine overhead press. I think it was a combination of ego lifting and not warming up but on my last rep I heard a sort of crush and then was in intense pain.

Following this I couldnt move my neck and my upper back ached for a while. I googled the symptoms and decided it was merely a trap strain and I would be fine. So I iced it for 2 days then applied heat pads the following days. And alas after a few days of not being able to move my neck I was fine!

However, after this I have always had neck pains on my right side on the top of the spine and a few weeks later whilst working our I experienced sharp rhomboid pain. I decided to see a chiropractor about this and he basically just cracked me and the pain did subside. However, realising the price I was paying I decided to not continue seeing the chiropractor and my pain was still gone. I decided to see a PT who noticed my right shoulder drooped a lot lower than my left and recommended I do mid trap and scapula work to correct this. While doing this work I could feel my old rhomboid injury. And yes, it finally came back…

This time it was different, it ached my arm and throbbed where I hurt myself. I gave gym a 1 week break and my pain was mostly gone, however came back again when I did shoulders and then bicep curls. I did notice however the bicep curls probably made it really bad. Now if I put my arm forward it aches my bad and my arm and if I let it droop in its natural position it aches both too. Sometimes when I have my bag on at uni the site of injury will throb with a sharp pain.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated, I have tried trigger points, though not consistent it just doesnt feel like it does anything as it is a DEEP back ache. I also had a thoracic spine xray which showed nothing.
If it helps my right shoulder also rolls forward and it significantly weaker at the scapula which I have been trying to correct :/.
Sorry for the long winded post and ask any questions as I may have missed details!
Thanks guys.


I’m not a doctor.

Maybe the pain is your strong muscles(lats/biceps) pulling uncomfortably on your weak muscles (the ones that control and stabilize scaps).

You could try stretching and working on “trigger points” in your lats, biceps, rear delts etc. This might loosen things up.

Here are some ideas.

Then when everything is moving correctly, you can strengthen those scap muscles. Some guys like band pull aparts for this. I have been getting a lot out of this easier version of a pull apart.

Joe DeFranco has a few moves for upper back.

Also, stretch those biceps!


Thanks for the post, will try these techniques!