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Rhodiola Rosea

Anyone else here give this herb a try? I thought it wasn’t all that great at first but do to other “supplements” that I was on at the time it was hard to tell. Well my supplement cycle ended and for some reason I stopped with the RR and my whole mood when to complete shit. Then I started taking it again and literally within a matter of a day or two I felt signifigantly better. Although at higher doses I did exp. some insomnia, easily avoided though once I cut back a bit.

Where are you purchasing yours from?

Wideguy, I am just curious as to what dosage you are taking?

Rhodiola Rosea is a very interesting supplement to use, and in the right circumstances, can be very useful to lower cortisol, reduce stress, and increase energy. The effects of the root are. The primary key to remember is that like many other plants used in holistic and Chinese medicine, it is a adaptogenic compound, but its positive effects don’t follow a straight line dosage curve. The proper dosage is a inverted U shaped curve, with an optimum dose between 3.6-13.3 mg rosavin depending on the subject, as such I would recommend starting low and working up. Dosages over 30 mg are known to cause insomnia and irritability and as such you should adjust the dosage to the ideal range based on the percent extract of the supplement. You can find more about it seaching on yahoo. I Hope those little bits of info help!

I mean 400 mgs a day.

To be honest 400 mg doesn’t really tell you much, mainly because you need to know what percent extract you are taking, and then use it accordingly. If its a 3.5% rosavin extract, which is the most common, then your taking 14mg of rosavin, and probably about 4 mg of Salidroside per day. Which is above optimum range for those compounds. On the other hand if the extract is 2% or 1% it may infact be a very good dosage. The best bet is to figure out exactly what your taking and adjust it according to most of the literature on Rhodiola, or find a good herbal medicine practitioner, who can dose you properly for any such supplements.