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Rhodiola Rosea on Rest Days?


I just started taking rhodiola rosea. r u suppose to take it on rest days?


If you're in a period of substantial training stress, then yes, the support on off days helps as well.

On the other hand, if having a period of taking it easier -- for example past a few days into a deload or for whatever reason training stresses are less -- then that is a good time to cycle off of the supplement.


Unless of course 1) you are in an emotionally stressful time 2) are resting only a few days prior to an upcoming physical event that you've been strenuously training for, or 3) It's just a day or two off, like the weekend.


Yes, I shouldn't have limited my statements to training stress.


Of course points 2) and 3) have been addressed by Bill already.


I just wanted to ensure that the OP and other readers knew how effective RR is for emotional stress too. best intentions :wink:


thanks everyone


How is the timing with HRX pre-workout? Is it safe to take these two supps together?



I don't think there are any timing issues. Personally I just take the rhodiola on arising and at bedtime, without concern of whether I am working out shortly after getting up or at a different time. But if for whatever reason I didn't take it on arising -- for example in too much of a hurry -- then I wind up taking it pre-workout.


Bill, would you mind sharing your experience with the supplement?


You cycle it right Bill?


I take it before bed and it makes me sleep like a baby.


I cycle it in the sense that in periods that for whatever reason training stresses are markedly less, I don't take it. There is no particular schedule.

I can't give a quantitative finding on what it does for me. I do, most of the time, train in ways that many would consider to be supposedly "overtraining" (I don't consider it that, as I think it yields me the best results, so therefore it is not "over") and which definitely pushes hard the edge of what I can do.

Both as a matter of experiment I've tried dropping Rhodiola, and also once I ran out. It strongly seemed to me that ability to tolerate this sort of thing was less. More tendency towards elevated morning heart-rate also.

However for example for the next 4 weeks I am cutting back substantially due to dieting down, and don't think I will be needing the Rhodiola during that period. But if it turned out that the training plan was leaving me feeling like I was starting to head towards a burnout (which is much easier to do on low calories and low carbs) I'd reintroduce the Rhodiola.