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Rhodiola Cycle Advice?


Can anyone adivse me about taking this supplement. I've read the directions on the bottle but after more searching on the net it sounds like a powerful supplement. Some herbal products are taken with periods of no dosing example, take for 4 weeks with a 2 week break or day on day off or 4 days on two days off. . . you get my point?

Would it be beneficial to take it daily or take it with breaks as shown in the example?


Not trying to be a smartass but id go by the directions on the bottle, if it needed to be cycled im sure they would put it in the directions like they do with Alpha Male.



Page 2; read.


Thank you both for your input. . . I did in fact read the product pages before my purchase but how the hell did I miss the suggested cycling examples? Thanks again.


You didn't mention why you were taking it, this would help us give you advice that may be more fine-tuned than the product page.


Sorry for such a late reply:-O My reason for supplementing with this is to help with my recovery from training. My diet is good, I rest well and my sleep is ok. I don't do drugs( anymore! ) I don't smoke and I only drink alcohol Fri and Sat and I don't over do it. In the past I've used way too much volume and too much frequency. I train Mon, Wed and Fri whole body sessions usually lasting about 90 mins.

I used a bottle of Rhod Ros as per the instructions and I did feel positive general effects, only subtle but I just felt better overall. Are the dosing instructions on the bottle the best way for me to use this again. It was last year since I used the product.


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Follow the label for the best results. It's best used to bridge a stressful time, moving, sickness, new training program, injury, inspection time at work. Get past the stressful event and stop taking it.

If you've got a hellish 6 months coming up, cycle it during those 6 months as directed.


Thanks! At present I take 350mg caffeine before I train, I train in the morning. Can caffeine be used with it or should I not take the caffeine when using Rhod Ros?


Seems OP is taking for the wrong reasons. Read ^^. IMO best saved for times of stress and sickness, not for general training. (although it won't do any harm)