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Rhodiola and Stomach Issues


I've been trying some rhodiola rosea for the last couple of days (a UK version) and my stomach has been pretty bad- without going into overshare we're talking bloating, constipation, waking up in the night with wind-related cramps etc.

Has anyone experienced anything similar with Rhodiola? If so, did it subside soon?

The only other thing I've been taking aside from the usual is glucosamine/chondroitin, and I've no idea if this could be causing any of the symptoms.


I used a brand other than Biotest's and have had no problems.. and have used it for at least 6+ 3 weeks on 1 week off cycles.


Process of elimination. if this is a recurring issue, then you can read about the effectiveness of enteric coated peppermint oil.


funny this came up. I had a bottle that a buddy gave me he didn't want and had been taking it with food no problem. Then yesterday morning I took it first thing before eating, and puked.


Never had it happen to me and I've taken some pretty hefty dosages, like upward to 1.5g at 3%. I've also taken Biotests and have had no issues. Stop taking other supps with it and gradually add them back in and see what happens.

I would stop all other supps, wait a couple days, and then add only the RR back in and see what happens.