Rhodes, Greece?

Hi, has anyone been to Rhodes in Greece? I will be going there for a conference next week for 7 days. I will have alot of free time there (nights, and 4 free days), and was wondering where the best places are for this dawg to party (and maybe find a t-vixen? Any advice is much appreciated!

I went to Rhodes last year and it was the best holiday I ever had. Faliraki is probably the most happening town on the island. Best thing to do is hire a car as you can drive round the island in a few hours. Enjoy yourself!!!

Thanks for the reply, Marky Mark! I will actually be staying at Faliraki for a total of 7 days. Gotta love the perks that only a cushy job in the medical industry offers!

You lucky b******d!!! You will have a great time, weather will be baking hot, so will the chicks!! Get some Sun Factor 8, plenty of rubbers and just roll with it!! Send me a postcard!! Enjoy