Rhodes 5x5/3/1 or Volume and Strength?

Hi all !
I am currently doing Starting Strength LP for my squat because I am recovering from injury.
So I was looking for a 3 times a week template to suit me, of course I do my squat regardless of the 5/3/1 template that I chose and completely ignore that template’s squat.

I finished my TM test. Should start a new program this week, debating between Volume and Strength and Rhodes’s 5 × 5/3/1, although I have some questions about Rhodes.

  1. I am not used to see “PR Set” on leader cycles, so treat the PR Set in every third set of each week as a Widowmaker set?
  2. Can I combine Rhodes with any Supplemental of the usual 5 × 5/3/1?
    Would it be a smart idea to combine Rhodes 5 × 5/3/1 with BBS instead of FSL? (There is an option of the regular 5×5/3/1 with BBS instead of FSL when training 3 time a week but I am not sure if I can run Rhodes instead the regular 5×5/3/1 and keep the supplemental with that volume.)

What do you recommend me to do considering your experience and my situation?

I would recommend running them exactly as written before making any changes to the programs.

I don’t plan to change anything, I want to run them just as they are written.
I just can’t squat in 5/3/1 format yet so I decided to do Starting Strength squat to get myself back after the injury.
But I start with such light weight and finish with medium weight. It would count as if I didn’t do a squat at all.
The squat won’t affect my recovery, that’s for sure.

What’re you squatting “Starting Strength style?” You could still squat “5/3/1 style” and just set your training max really low, couldn’t you?

I am progressing from an empty barbell, I am looking for a linear progression to take me from 45 to 275 in 3 months more or less, then I will combine my squat in the 5/3/1 routine. I can’t see where is the problem exactly.
I can’t just put my TM on 45 Pounds and Increase it by 10 Pounds every 3 weeks… It’s not make any sense.

That’s fine dude, I was just wondering how much you were squatting at the moment.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that.
Maybe do you know how to answer my questions about Rhodes ?

Sorry dude, I like 5/3/1 but I’m not really up to date on all these “new” programs, or even really half of the terms he’s using now.

I’ve been doing the Rhodes variation for about 8 months on squat, bench and deadlift without a supplemental and I continue to gain strength with every cycle. I normally do 6 weeks of Rhodes with the last set being AMRAP. I Follow that with 3 weeks of 5 Pros with Jokers then start over. Last October I strained my knee so I took off 8 weeks of squats, then started back doing 5 sets of 10, adding 20# per week until I “caught up” with my normal routine.

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