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Rhodes 5x5/3/1, No Supplemental Lifts?

Hey everyone. Just finished reading Forever and finishing a cycle so I was going to look into running a 5x5/3/1 template. I like the Rhodes version and will run that or the 2 day limited time template.

My question though is according to my understanding on the Rhodes template your essentially doing 5x5 and no supplemental lifts afterward, correct? For example, you don’t perform your last PR set of the 5x5/3/1 then do a FSL for 3-5 reps. I just want to make sure I fully understand it before I run it

If you go back in the book and read earlier in the 5x5/3/1 section, you can see the option of doing main lifts and then go right into assistance, or you can add supplemental 5x5 FSL for an opposite lift, like DL on OHP days or Squat on BP days. That’s how I read it, on page 89 for reference.

Thanks that was what I was looking for. I’m currently doing two main lifts a day and find it tough on my body and want to go back to one main lift.

No. Only thing that changes are reps in first sets. After doing Rhoades rep scheme you continue as you were before - supplemental work AND assistance work.


What page are you referring to, because I can’t find it.

im not referring to any page, i am referring to my knowledge of 531 books in general…

there are almost no templates that do not have supplemental and assistance work… in case of Rhodes or Portal, these are just variations of 5x531 so you are doing supplemental and assistance of 5x531 when doing Rhodes.
You dont do supplemental in Portal as it already has it built in(opposite lift to a TM single) but you still do assistance.

Rereading the book (page 89) suggests you can do either of the two options listed, either no supplemental or 5 x 5 FSL, as @aclaar877 suggests.

Wouldn’t PR sets be considered supplemental? Rhodes last set is a PR set that’s what I am trying to understand.


But supplemental is optional with all 5 x 531 templates, so if recovery is an issue (like you mentioned in the original post), then just don’t do it.


Technically the basic template of 5x531 has no supplemental work. It’s only 5x531, thats it.

well ok, not supplemental but assistance… still has assistance work… labels are not that important.

Labels are only important in this context because in 531 supplemental work is referring to kind of back off sets with the mainlift or a variation of it, while assistance is the balance and weakness work, push downs, pull ups, dips, rows etc. I’m sure you already know all that but some might get confused who aren’t as familiar with 531.

Especially when the question is about supplemental work, it is important to separate it from assistance.

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Thanks everyone. I was referring to supplemental work and not assistance work.