Rhino's 1st Log

Hey everyone,
So after much deliberation I decided it would be beneficial to start a log not only to keep better track of what I have been doing and my progress, but also so others can critique and possibly even learn. So here goes…

The basics
History: 19 years old, been training seriously for about 1.5 years, but not so seriously for about 4 years before that. Played football, wrestled, and rowed all through high school, and now play rugby off and on in college.

Goals: To move some seriously heavy weights and still look good enough to get laid.
Stats: 6’1", bodyweight hovers around 210-215 lbs. Bench-335, DL-515, Squat- 395 (worst lift due to several knee injuries).

Current training: A bodybuilding split with strength work mixed in.
Day 1: Shoulders
2: Back and bi’s
3: Deadlifting- centered legs
4: Chest and triceps
5: Back and bi’s
6: Squat-based legs
7: Prowler pushing and abs.
I rarely take a day off without doing some type of workout.
I also include some type of ab work on most workouts and push the prowler 2-3x a week.

Diet: Right now trying to get the BF down. I’ve never had my BF% measured, but I would estimate I’m probably somewhere around 12-15%. I want to get my BW down to around 200-205 Before I start bulking again. Never been super lean before in my life, so that is my goal right now. My diet is ~300 g protein, 60 g fat, and less than 100 g carbs a day. I throw in a few 0 carb days here and there to give my fat loss a boost when I feel like it’s stalling. I also take HOT-ROX, Flameout, and a multivitamin daily.
Will post pics as soon as I can find my camera.

Today’s Training: Chest and tri’s
Warm up: Incline DB press
90lbs: 1x10
100lbs: 3x8
Decline Bench
225 lbs: 1x8
275 lbs: 1x8
315 lbs. 2x6
335 lbs: 1x4
295 lbs: 1x6
Supersetted with rear delt db flies
BW + 55 lbs: 4x10
BW + 45 lbs: 1x8
BW: 1x13
After that 3 supersets of Triceps push downs and machine pec flies, can’t remember the weights. I don’t really keep track of that, just do them to get in a little extra volume.
I also did my self-concocted killer set of abs, and some tabata kettlebell swings to get my heart beating a bit
Diet today- meal 1: 6 eggs and 2 strips bacon, Flameout and vitamin
meal 2: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Low Carb
Post WO: 2 scoops Grow! Whey, HOT-ROX
meal 3: 8 oz beef, green beans, small salad
meal 4: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 2 Tbsp organic peanut butter

Today’s Training: Back and bi’s
Pull-ups: BW+45 lbs
5x8, alternating grips each set
BW- 1x12
1 arm DB rows
110 lbs, 3x10
125 lbs, 1x20 (Kroc row style, lots of body english)
Chest supported t-bar rows 135 lbs+ bar (no idea how much it weighs, not a normal bar),
Superset1, preacher curls and bat wings
3x8 and 20 second holds for bat wings
Superset 2: Fatigue hammer curls and strict low cable rows, 3x8
Isometric holds @ top of pull-up, 4x 15 seconds
DB shrugs, 3x10 w/ 125 lb DBs.

Ab superset and 10 minutes moderate prowler pushing.

LEG DAY (squat based)
Back box squats, top of box about one inch below parallel
135; 1x8
225; 1x8
315; 1x6
365; 4x3
345; 4x3
315 (ATG w/o box) 1x4
Glute-ham leg curl machine: 90 lbs 4x6
Bulgarians w/ deficit
70 LB DBs; 5x5
Supersetted with calf press (don’t remember weight), 5x8

Plank complex for abs

Prowler work
3x20 yards backwards crouching drags

3x3 uphill pushes (fucking brutal conditiong/ quad/ ham work), hill about 35 yards long. Do three trips up the hill right after each other then rest. Did this three times.

Standing military press
135 lbs; 1x10
155 lbs; 2x6
165; 2x5
Push press
185; 2x5
225; 1x2 PR
Steep incline DB press (almost vertical)
85s; 3x9
95s; 1x5. Supersetted with rear dealt flies
John Meadows’ shoulder triad x3
John Meadows’ “Destroyer set” for rear delts
Hammer strength overhead press machine, 3 plates per side, 2x6
Ab complex

Back and Bis
BW; 6x10
3x20 seconds isometric holds
1 arm DB curls
110 lbs; 3x10
225 lb Kroc Rows: 1x20
Superset: EZ bar curls (80 lbs) and bat wings
4x8 curls, 3x20s bat wings
Superset: Low cable rows, fatigue hammer curls (seated)
200lbs, 3x8 rows, 35lb DBs- 3x8 curls
Hanging leg raises- 3x10
Close “grip” push-ups (for upper arm pump)- 3x40
T-Bar row; 140 lbs + bar, 1x12

Deadlift-based Legs
225; 1x5
315; 1x5
455; 1x3
475; 1x3
405; 1x5 (to practice form)
Front Squats
225; 4x5
245; 1x4
155; 1x15
Leg Press
10 plates per side; 5x5
1 leg leg press
4 plates per side; 2x8
Heavy abs, a whole bunch of planks and crunches
Did a set of pull ups every time I passed the pull up bar, probably around 50 reps total.

Pulse fasting today. No work in the weight room, but will probably push the prowler around for a bit later.

Back and bi’s
BW pullups
BW + 25; 4x6
T-Bar row- 2x8, 4 plates
1 arm DB row; 110 lbs, 3x10
125 lbs; 1x 20 Kroc row style
Superset: Preacher curls and batwings
90 lbs and 55 lb DBs, 4x8 and 3 x 20s
Superset 2: low cable rows and fatigue hammer curls
3x8, don’t remember weights
3x 20s isometric holds at top of pull up (neutral grip)
DB shrugs; 3x10 with 3 second hold at top, 125 lb DBs

Squat-based legs
Box squats
135; 1x10
225; 1x10
315; 1x5
365; 2x3
315; 2x3
225; 1x12
Standing leg curls
75 lbs per leg; 4x6
Seated calf press. 4x8
Bulgarians, 70 lb DBs; 5x5

Several different types of planks for abs.

Seated OHP
135; 1x10
155; 1x8
175; 4x5
165; 2x4
Steep incline DB press
90 lb DBs; 4x8. Supersetted with bent over rear delt flies, 4x10
John Meadows’ Shoulder Triad with 20 lb DBs, 3x, supersetted with DB shrugs, 125 lbs 3x8
Smith machine OHP; 2x6 w/ 3 plates per side
Random sets up pull-ups and close-grip push-ups interspersed within sets

Ab work: Hanging leg raises and ridiculously long superset

Back and Bis, lats were very sore today, not exactly sure why, so numbers are a bit lower
Pull-ups, varied grips
BW- 1x10
BW+25; 5x6
BW; 1x8
4x 20s isometric holds at top
T-Bar row
4 plates; 2x8
1 arm DB rows
Kroc rows w/ 125 DBs; 20 reps
110 DBs; 3x10
Preacher curls and batwings, supersetted
4x8 and 3x20s respectively
Low cable rows supersetted with fatigue hammer curls
4x8 w/ 200 lbs, and 3x6 w/ 35s and then 40s for last set
4x20 BW dips (for arm pump)

Prowler pushing; 3x3 hill pushes, 3x3 hill pulls (shit ton of volume, needed to deplete some built up glycogen)
Also some eccentric-less work for lats and bis.
I am starting to see some more definition in the abs , chest, and back, so this whole cutting thing is finally starting to work again after an arduously long BF and BW plateau.

Deadlifting-based legs
Rack pulls
225; 1x3
315; 1x3
405; 1x3
455; 1x3
495; 1x3
545; 1x2
405; 1x3
455; 1x3
Front squat
225; 5x5
155; 1x15 (as fast as possible)
Leg press “dropset” (one leg, then other, then both together without rest)
4 plates, 8 reps each leg, 25 with both
90s side planks, 90s normal plank w/ feet elevated for both.

3x3 prowler hill pushes.