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Hi, I have been hit in the nose a good 3 or 4 times while growing up. I’m 18 now and my nose is pretty big, and I would like to get it fixed with rhinoplasty. What I am curious about is what insurance will and will not cover? I read somewhere that it will cover it if the shape of your nose has been changed in an accident, which is what happened to me. My parents both have regular noses, so its obvious it isn’t hereditary. Any information is appreciated and anyone that has had it done please tell me how you like the results, thanks.

How about checking with YOUR insurance company? Coverage will vary with the company, and even from state to state.

Are you male or female? How recent was the last break? Was it displaced or non-displaced? Do you have x-rays of every break? All of this makes a BIG difference on getting insurance coverage. I had a bad break, but because I’m female and single we had a hell of a time trying to get it covered, even with all the xrays and proof. Insurance companies are really wary of young people who want nose jobs. I never got mine fixed, it was going to be a huge fight and in teh end they said, get it done and we’ll decide to cover or not afterwards. There was no way I could afford it, so I just have a wide nose…

My nose was never broken, but I was always unhappy with the way it looked. My surgeon put it down as a deviated septum, and insurance paid 90% of it.

Manuel, I hope I get as nice of a surgeon as you man. ;O)