Rheingold Fashions

Folks, I wanted to post an update on what’s going on with Lori at Rheingold Fashions. I’ve posted about her and her company before, and I know at least one of you has gone there and been happy with the clothes.

Last week, I got a flyer in the mail for a “Reorganization Sale.” Prices were good (things like some of the shirts being “buy 1 get 2 free”), but that word “reoganization” got me worried. I called her up to see what’s the haps (and to make another order).

Turns out that a cousin of Lori’s was one of her original investors. You think you could trust family, but apparently somewhere along the lines, Lori got railroaded into signing something that she shouldn’t have. Now this cousin of hers is suing her, and there’s a very high probablility that she’ll lose her business. The legal procedings are going slowly (which is probably good at this point), and Lori thinks she might be able to pick up and restart her business again under a new name some time (wouldn’t break my heart if she moved to the west coast), but that may be a long time in coming.

So, if any of you are on the fence as to purchasing clothing made for T-men, you should give her website a look, and give her a call. Be prepared for a New York accent. And also be prepared for personal service. Good comapny, great lady. I’d hate to see this comapny fold.