Rhabdo Rebound, Bulk or Cut?

Hi fellow meatheads,

the main question is, you think I should bulk or cut? (See images).

For context:
I took a break from training for a couple months, when I started again, I got Rhabdo etc. So now I’m gonna be training a little less extremely, but consistently about 3 times a week.

I’m 6’1, 205 lbs, and just wanna look good while making progress.
Also, what split would you recommend? Been doing Push Pull Legs, but with 3 times a week training, might be suboptimal.

Excuse the dirty mirror.
Looking forward to your responses.

This isn’t a bulk or cut situation. It’s a get back into a fitness lifestyle situation. Theee days a week push/pull is fine so long as you can go for long walks, jog in the neighborhood, play a sport etc on top. As for the rest it happens in the kitchen. Meaning clean up your diet and take a first stab at a nutrition plan. After six months of this you should be both leaner and more muscular. Then decide whether to bulk or cut.


I see. Thanks for the fast response, I guess consistency and nutrition are indeed the biggest factors.

They are the only factor outside of genetics which you can’t change. Hard truth… you don’t look currently like you’ve had good nutrition during your “off period”. This is fixable and probably your first order of business. Track your calories and macros with a phone app during the day for a couple days. Log what you eat and reflect on what you shouldn’t have. Pick a target macro and then backfill your page with foods you like until you get close to your prior calorie average less about 10%. After 6 months of clean eating and regular exercise we can decide to bulk or cut.

Right now you can’t do either. It’s like a man with zero dollars asking if he should spend or invest.


I understand, will do. Again, appreciate it!
Have a good day.