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Rght Thing To Do?


English is my 2nd language so sorry if I suck at grammar.

I do MMA and used to do powelifting for one year. I'm confused on which program to stick with, I really need strength, powerlifting gave a lot of strength until now, but I also need good looking body with some cuts not just bulking and gaining fat all the way with muscles, was always asked to show my 6 pax in mma gym haha which I don't have, it would be great if I could get lean, strong and fit for mma rather than the fat look that I have on my arms and chest.

I weight about 79 kilg's.

I do chest and arms twice a week, legs and back once a week.

I do the old fashion of 3x10, I was thinking about the 5x5 as I have seen that it's only 3excercises a day and u don't do more than one exercise for chest and legs and back, and you don't hit your arms?

I eat about 4 meals of proteins and Vegetables and fruits, no carbs atm and 2 times protein shake a day.


I train 5x a week fighting (that doesnt include practice at home), and 4x a week powerlifting and i have a fulltime job. It's a very busy schedual but anything's possible. With me EATING SHITLOADS OF FOOD helps so much. You have to eat way more than you are, carbs, carbs and more carbs is also good to keep energy levels high (so it seems for me)...and abs? If your fighting who gives a shit about abs man, yes it's nice to look good, but do you want to look good or win the damn fight lol.
How many times do you train MMA?

3x a week lifting would be good to start at, and slowly work in more intensity. YOu shuld probably deload once every 3 weeks with the weights and do very little training with weights on the 4th week. I know for me with all the punching I do 5x a week my joints start to get sore where my elbow is, sometimtes my shoulder will act up and i do plenty of rowing, scapula exercises etc etc. but yeah how many times a week do u train mma?


I do weight lifting 5 times a week sometimes 6 times to be honest. (chest and arms twice a week, legs and back once).

MMA 3 times a times a week which is not enough, and I have to do BJJ at the moment with the GI which I hate the fucking Gi but since there will be a bjj GI and no GI competition in few months then it's cool I guess. Not sure if my 5 to 6 days weight lifting is bad or am over training but it gives me strength, or maybe I'll change to do the 5x5 routine. I also need to work hard on my stamina, maybe I'll concentrate on sprints more, lot's of work to do.


Yep. MMA specific workouts and skill work are the most important things. Fit in Strength work around your training schedule not the other way around. 2-3 days a week of heavy strength work with low volume should be good at first at least.