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RFL Cat 2 Need Help


Read Rapid Fat Loss by Lyle McDonald, and thought i would give it a shot. My planned diet/schedule is given below. Let me know if i should make any changes.

Current Stats;
Weight = 185
BF = 18%
Height = 5'11

Weekly Activity Layout:

Monday: Aerobic (Cardio)
Tuesday: Inactive
Wednesday: Inactive
Thursday: Full Body Workout (Cheat Meal Before Workout)
Friday: Inactive
Saturday: Inactive
Sunday: Full Body Workout (5 hr refeed)

Diet Layout: Picture of Excel File with Diet Macros Attached.


Thanks for All the HELP.


By slices, you mean cold cuts?

Regardless, if it's me I'm mixing in servings of greek yogurt/cottage cheese for variety. and calcium.

And shrimp.


Why not post in the main RFL thread? Is it really necessary to create your own?


There are some great people on there who have done the diet numerous times.


Your protein seems a bit low. Another thing to consider is more frequent training, I know Lyle recommends against it, but I've found that I can still train 5/6 days a week on the diet. Of course, that depends on you, but it's just a thought.


@ColinD624 , Yea i think i will head over to the RFL thread.

@chimera182, I find that i over train very easily. Most of my team mates on track team were able to maintain performance while training 6-7 days a week. And every time i tried to train with them i would start adding second to runs. My coach always kept me on 3-4 days routine. So i guess i will see how i do with 2 days a week and see if a can maintain my strength and then when i start UD2.0 i will shoot for 4 days a week.