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RFL 3.0


I can probably start as a cat 1, but I think it's best to 'overestimate' BF%..I'll get some pics up and we'll see.

I'm 5'9" and 170 something..plenty of muscle, but have been chasing losing the last 10-15 pounds forever it seems. Life happens. At least I've maintained, I say!

1st day is tomorrow. Anyone with me? Bring it!


Ok, day 1 is here..

Took some starting pics this morning. Would like a BF% estimate if you wouldn't mind..(but go easy on me!) :slight_smile:

I'm female(obviously) 5'9"..weight unknown..last time I checked it was 174.




my big butt.


MIM no way I can judge BF% especially on females. I will say you have great base to develop, great lat spread. Question why you asking about BF%? Like the ink by the way. :slight_smile:



The RFL diet bases what category you fall under by BF%

Cat 3 is 35%+ BF

Cat 2 is 25-34% BF
-2-6 weeks, you get 1 free meal and 1 refeed( a week)

Cat 1 is 24% and below
-11-12 days long, no free meal and no re-feed.


you could probably go cat 1 like you said but i'm sure cat 2 would work just fine. You've got quite the hourglass shape... Lookin good.

You've made so much progress MiM that its crazy.


For a proper estimate you need to post a picture holding a shoe.

No shoe, no estimate.




I'm not holding up my stinky shoe for an estimate..how bout I wear the shoe instead? :smiley:

Ok, in my underwear AND my shoe!! only fair I get an estimate now :slightly_smiling:


Sorry MIM never got an email that you had answered. I have no experience with that diet so I do not want to give my opinion. Where is this at?


Greg- thanks!!
I seem to be stuck, so looking to kick it up a notch. I'm gonna go with Cat 1. Get it over with quicker. Plan is to do this round, refeed for 3 days(yum!) Then go right into another round..


DJHT- its a diet from another person not related to this site..
if you do a search of 'rapid fat loss', some original threads from awhile ago will pop up.

The only problem I can see as a Cat 1 is getting the amount of protein needed..I'm not used to eating that much!


MIM - I dont know where you're at bf wise, but you look great. You look like a different person from where you started from. Congrats.

Start at Cat 1, see where your at in 4 weeks then re-evaluate.


great back shape!

BF, no idea. I did notice you look like you have fallen arches or pronate a lot when you walk.


wow you're gonna try it back to back like that? You're definitely more hardcore than I am :slightly_smiling:



And good observation. I only started noticing with taking progress pics over the last couple years. The q-angle is greater than what I think is normal. problem is I don't if/how to fix it.

Greg- yep, thats the plan! We'll see how I feel when I get there though.


Well can you PM me the link please. I always like to keep up to date on diets, since I get asked a lot for advice. MIM impressed with the pict of you in your "shorts".


Say Day 1 went off without a hitch.

Need to focus on getting what I need for protein..I'm pretty much doing this the 'leangains,' way. First meal is 1230-1pm..

Took some measurements this morning and begrudgingly weighed myself.

weight- 177
natural waist- 29
navel- 30 :frowning:
hips- 39


Wow I had left a post but did not show up. MIM can you PM me the link to this diet please? I always like to keep up to date on weight loss.


the actual "plan" and guidelines of the diet is an E-Book DJ. I'm PMing you the link to the site but yeah... to get the actual plan you'd have to buy the ebook