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Rezazadeh is Gonna Compete in Powerlifting!



His bench press is definitely weak.


yeah, weak????


"i bet his raw squat will be over 900"

-Anonymous poster in powerliftingwatch.com

I bet his raw squat is 1000+ pounds! This dude is gonna shock alot of you.


lol. I meant compared to other powerlifters. Kevin Nee can bench press more than him...

His squat is gonna be mind blower. Larodrick is just a just piece of meat compared to this bull.


A quote from some random website I saw somewhere and decided to copy paste:

"Olympic lifting has a lot more recognition and is more accessable to many (thanks to televised Olympic coverage) than is powerlifting. I don't recall ever seeing something like Andy Bolton's 1000# DL on Yahoo news, but Matthias Steiner's gold was featured as well as news of Rezazadeh's retirement.

There are also a good amount of people who consider modern powerlifting more of a 'freakshow' sport due to the lack of testing and regulation and the proliferation of ever-evolving gear.

In my mind, strength is strength and big lifts are big lifts. I don't really care if you're bench pressing, snatching, stone lifting or whatever, the style doesn't diminish the hard work and athleticism that is a part of all strength sports.

However, a decorated and respected lifter like Rezazedeh would be like Peyton Manning joining the Arena Football League. Not only would people sit up and take notice, but an underrated sport might just get more respect and coverage with an athlete of that caliber competing."


TBH don't think he will shock anyone. He will be super strong in the lifts you'd expect him to be but weak in the same.

I wouldn't be surprised if he added a shed load of weight onto his bench in a relatively short period if he specialised on it for acouple of years.

Time will tell


Isn't Nee a strong man competitor? And a smaller one at that?


He will shock everyone. I'd bet my big long penis that he will shock everyone in the powerlifting community.


Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to show people how weak Reza's bench really is compred to other lifters... Heck even Tank Abbot can bench more than him and he's not even a strength athlete.

His bench press is not strong compared to his squat and deadlift numbers.


I'll be interested to see what he does with his technique. Hi-bar vs low-bar and stance width. Would you change something you've trained your whole life and are good at to maybe get a little better leverage?


I would... If it really helps you lift more weight then yes.


From the forum it was posted on:

That is a BIG if. I wouldn't get excited just yet.


who will he shock?

Who doesn't know that he's going to lift a ton of weight in the deadlift and squat and who dosn't know his bench will lag behind?

He'll be VERY impressive, but that won't surprise anyone


I wonder if he will stay raw. Or what fed he will lift in.

He will be impressive no doubt. Not "mind blowing".


I hope he eventually lifts in the IPF. I would love to see this guy squat suited. Given his background, I'd say he'd be a bomb-diver and get a ton out of his gear. This thread just made my day.




fixed again


His squat would be very strong with gear


This story is 7 months old. Reza works for the Iranian Weightlifting Federation and will not be competing in powerlifting.


Yup. Old story. He hasn't done anything with it so I don't exactly seeing him doing "big things". Obviously he'll be strong, but he won't be one of the best coming out and just doing it. I'm not sure what makes some of the people on here think that being an oly lifter makes you stronger than a powerlifter (or vice versa).

Fact is Reza would have been strong no matter what sport he choose, doesn't mean he's going to walk into powerlifting and suddenly be the next Brian Siders or Donnie Thompson. There are the same kinds of freaks in each sports, but being the best in one doesn't mean you'll be the best in another.

Besides that, I'd be wary to believe any numbers coming out of the Iranian training camp that weren't done in competition. About a year ago they had some strongman that was claiming to have beaten all of Zydrunas' lifts in training. The guy was definitely strong, but you won't see him on the platform at any big shows.