well I just ordered 4 bottles of REZ-V–two for me and two for my dad. I will be taking 3 caps once a day. My question is about my dad–he’s not aking it for bodybuilding/testosterone purposes but for general health reasons.

So, is two caps enough for him or should he stick with three? The article states that there is an “overwhleming” effect at 200 mg (2 caps)…does this mean that 200mg will have effects of that anything OVER 200 mg will have effects?

For what its worth… and keep in mind I am a cheap bastard, I only take 1 a day. I’m 22 so I figure T-levels arent an issue, and I mainly take it to get the resveratrol, 100mg of which is a truckload.

If the article says 200mg has good effects that should be good though… Although your dad may like what he feels if he gets a little more test running through those veins.