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Rez-V, 'Trans-Resveratrol'?

Is Biotest’s Rez-V formula that of “Trans-Resveratrol”
I have read that Trans-Resveratrol is the most potent isomer and is the one responsible for its great cardio-protective benefits as well as positively impacting testosterone levels.
Any feedback on supplementation with Biotest or any other Resveratrol supplements would be appreciated.


Phytoestrogens… are ESTROGENS

The ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ molecules behave in a very similar manner. In fact, some foods have a blend of both molecules. I’m not familiar with any study that claims one to be superior over the other. Although I do understand trans to be more common, more studied and cheaper. I’m not for certain, but would guess Biotest’s Resveratrol to be of the trans variety.

[quote]Dadnatron wrote:
Phytoestrogens… are ESTROGENS[/quote]

What’s your point? There are ESTROGENS that bind to and cause transcription at the estrogen receptor that cause estrogenic effects in the body and ESTROGENS that bind to the receptor, do not cause transcription and inhibit estrogenic effects. Furthermore, these effects are not necessarily consistent across all tissues.

Were you trying to say that you believe phytoestrogens necessarily have estrogenic effects in the body? If so, you are entirely wrong.

[quote]corywazz1 wrote:
Is Biotest’s Rez-V formula that of “Trans-Resveratrol” [/quote]

It is.

[quote]Mod Brian wrote:

[quote]corywazz1 wrote:
Is Biotest’s Rez-V formula that of “Trans-Resveratrol” [/quote]

It is.[/quote]

To be honest, would anyone doubt that? I’d continue to buy the supps here if the import duties weren’t so ridiculous here. They’ve always been top notch, since I’ve been using them.