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REZ-V Question

I'm purchasing REZ-V (along with Alpha Male), but I'm wondering: is there anything different about the extract used in REZ-V from garden variety resveratrol found in health food stores?  

I see it says, “very pure” on the REZ-V label - what is meant by this? I’m perfectly willing to buy it here to support T-Nation (a fantastic place - I’m learning a lot!), but I was just wondering about this.


The “secret” to REZ-V is its potency.

Each tablet contains 100 mg of pure Resveratrol.

I’m not aware of another product that comes close to this.

Sure, to echo Mod Brian, we don’t know all that much about what each of the other garden variety companies are putting into their products, but I can guarantee you, that you can’t find anything better than Biotest’s version.

Tim and I are very high on REZ-V, use tons of it ourselves, and for that reason, at least, want our product to be exemplary.

Thanks guys for the info. Looking forward to trying it.

I must say, this is simply the best forum for training I’ve come across. Thanks!