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Rez - V Juice

So I was just at Wal Mart picking up a few things, was getting some yogurt and saw this stuff in the juice aisle. I’m currently taking the Biotest Rez-V, and saw this Resveratrol Juice and decided to pick it up. I took a pic of the front and the back (nutrition facts) but the pic of the back was too blurry to see, so here it is:

Serving size- 8oz, cals 130, total carbs 31 g, sugars 27 g, .5 g of fiber.
Proprietary Resveratrol blend-100 mg

It’s really a blend of a ton of different juices, and doesn’t taste very bad, I’m drinking a little bit now to try it out. Here’s the thing though, I’m taking 600mg of Rez V per day (from the Biotest stuff), and if I drink 8 oz of this juice I get another 100 mg of the “resveratrol blend”, can resveratrol reach toxic levels, if so what are they?

[quote]SSVegeta wrote:
can resveratrol reach toxic levels?[/quote]

I think the thing to look for is joint and possibly tendon pain. If you’re not having any, you’re fine. Some people take as much as 2000 mg a day.