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Rez-V for Women?

Is it safe for women to take Rez-V? If so, how much should a woman take? And will it affect her menstrual cycle?

I think this has been mentioned before use the search function. Located at the top right. Or search the sister site. www.figureathlete.com

I am taking RezV, I am following the directions on the bottle. I just started a week ago so I haven’t noticed any hormonal changes.

You might want to ask Thibs in his Q&A thread or even go to the Figure Athlete site and ask your question there.

I usually take one cap a day, to make the bottle last two months, for the anti-oxidant benefits. I really credit it - along with eating healthy - with keeping me from getting colds. I didn’t catch a cold for at least a year that I was taking it, even if I barely slept, which usually triggers illness for me.