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Rez-V Dosages?


I'd like to find out if anyone has any experience with dosages of Rez-V. I'd like to take either 2 caps every day (instead of three) or 3 for five days with two days off.

Basically I buy a lot of Biotest stuff and am just squeezing this in as I can't really even afford what I've purchased. So, has anyone read any advice that the company has offered on dosages in any of the threads?


I believe that it has been stated that it depends on what you are looking for. If its the general health benefits alone, then I think the full 3 pills may not be completely necessary. However, I recall reading that, if you are looking for the anti-e effects, 3 pills/day is the what you should be going for.


I myself and I know others take just one capsule a day as sort of a maintenance plan.

I have adex on hand for the anti-e if I need it.

But I use Rez-V for its health benefits.


I also take one per day. This way one bottle lasts me two months and I still get a much higher dosage than I would with a regular serving of most brands.