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Rez-V: Cis- or Trans- Resveratrol?

A question about the content of Rez-V. There are two forms of resveratrol, cis-resveratrol and trans-resveratrol. According to nutrition expert Nora Gedgaudas, only the trans- form has any benefits. What form is included in Rez-V? The nutrition information on the bottle doesn’t specify.

I bet both are included. A better question would be to ask what the optical purity of the trans isomer is.

Well, if you extract resveratrol from, e.g. red wine (30-50mg/l) or grape juice, you’ll have both forms. Therefor supps with resveratrol derived from sources like that will most probably also contain both form.

Tran-resveratrol can turn into the cis-form. This process is amplified by heat or UV-light.

I am not sure that only the trans-form has positive effects in the human body. There have been so many studies done on resveratrol and I’m not sure whether any of them distinguished between the two isomers.

There is a long thread about Rez-V. Don’t you find anything there.

The person who could answer your question the best would be Bill Roberts, of course.

Found the answer browsing in the long Rez-V thread. Yes, Rez-V is all trans-resveratrol.

Thanks to those who replied.