REZ-V At My Age?

I was just curious if there was an caution for teens to stay away from REZ-V. With the new deal coming up I need one more non-protein supp since I’m already stocked on Flameout and in the most recent super stack article REZ-V was suggested a base supp. I still need to look more into it before tomorrow but am I good to take it and any of you guys that take it now recommend it? Thanks guys.

P.S. I’m 18 if that matters at all, training and nutrition without going into detail is sub-par, no junk food, no soy, no white bread, only wheat, nuts fish meat and compound exercises.

REZ-V should be fine. It’s a natural test booster/estrogen blocker, so there’s nothing to worry about - it’s not going to screw you up hormonally.

REZ-V is safe for 18-year olds.