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Rez-V and/or Superfood Feedback


I just purchased some Rez-V and Superfood and I'm curious about the what people have actually experienced from them and at what point in time, i.e. - short term 1-3 months compared to 6 months - 1 year.


honestly I think Superfood is a great idea......but I hate the taste.

It is exactly how its described.....it taste like a Tea drink.........and I HATE TEA

I mix it in my PWO (more like choke it down)

but I cant deny the results......it gives me a pep in my step so to speak......I've been feeling much better a couple hours after I take it.

Just wish I could mask the taste better......but its only once a day so I'll survive.

Never done the Rez-V so I cant help you there.


Superfood is one of the most important "supplements" ANYONE could take. There's no practical way to get the quality and variety of berries and vegetables in your diet on a daily basis that are present in Superfood. It's also the best product of its kind--period.

The only other product that I could find that was even close only had an ORAC rating of 2000 (as compared to Superfood's 5000) per 5g. scoop! It also lacked the variety of fruits and vegetables in Superfood.

considering that scientists now know with a high degree of certainty that inflamation lies at the heart of most (if not all) disease processes, consuming a diet rich in antioxidant polyphenols and other substances is crucially important.



mix it with orange juice and try it in the morning. That's my strategy.


I like Superfood, I seem to be in a good mood soon after I drink it, which is a good thing these days. Never tried Rez-V.


It works!! IMO it's the best to mix with. I started using Superfood and Flameout again in Feb and started back on Rez-V two months after and this is the best I've ever felt. This must be the combo best for me.