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RexDavenport Log

I’m 47 and came back to lifting after at least a 20 year vacation. I work a professional office/desk job and between work and family commitments, I have to maximize my time. I gravitated toward CT’s layer system and DC training due to efficency. Recently I tried out Arthur Jones’ Colorado Experiment style of training and enjoyed it. I will probably revisit it soon. I’m back to DC for the time being. At my age, I’m not chasing numbers, just size and loss of bodyfat. I come in right now at 225-230 depending on what day it is and estimate my bf to be in the 18-20% range. Since I started back, my weight has remained about the same but I have dropped pants size from 38 needing a 40 to a 36 waist. Almost ashamed to say that I dont really deadlift, just the occasional rack pull, but I have maxed on SGHP at 325, BP at 325 and Squat at something around 450-500 but not recently. Lets get started:

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EZ Bar Pull Over 75 x 35 DRP
Shrugs 225 x 25 DRP
Hanging EZ Curl 65 x 22 DRP
Reverse Curl 65 x 16 DRP
Paused Front Squat 3 x 8 w 135 SS
RDL 3 x 8 w 135 SS

Guillotine Press 185 x 17 DRP
Upright Row 135 x 21 DRP
CGBP 205 x 18 DRP

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Pull Over 80 x 25 DRP
Shrug 245 x 30 DRP
Hanging EZ Curl 65 x 24 DRP
Squat 315 x 15 Felt a strange tweak in my knee and quit in my first rest-pause set

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Not really understanding the secret code but welcome a board!

DC is doggcrapp which is a highish frequency training program that incorporates double rest-pause sets (DRP) some straight sets (SS) and loaded stretching. You have workouts A and B and alternate between the two. A is chest, shoulders and tris. B is back width, back thickness, bis, quads and hams. You do one movement per body part. The template calls for heavier weight and slightly less frequency than I am doing. You should search out the articles on it on this site. I have really enjoyed it.

Thanks for clarifying. The DRP had me wondering, and SS for me means super sets. We all type it out a little different. Now we’re on the same page.

I am in the middle of a 5/3/1 hardgainer marathon right now. Ya know, cause I don’t want to work too hard… lol I may check it it out come January.

Incline DB Fly 50s x 16 DRP
DB OHP 50s x 28 DRP
BB OH Tri Ext 115 x 24 DRP

Squat 315 x 23 DRP
EZ Pullover 85 x 28 DRP
Shrug 245 x 32 DRP
Hang Curl 65 x 27 DRP

Was going to do some leg curls but the knee tweak from the other day hurt a little while I was warming up. It was fine squatting. Go figure.

I’ve been starting back on a modified DC split with more frequency and more reps. Instead of 3 workouts per week alternating A, B, A and B, A, B each week, I have been doing A, B, off, A, B, off, etc. I have been doing this a couple of weeks and recovery doesn’t seem to be a problem. I’m going to stay at it as is for now. I’m doing low intensity cardio on off days. I’m going to mix in some abs on off days starting this week.


Guillotine press 205 x 17 DRP
Upright row 135 x 20 DRP
Close grip BP 205 x 20 DRP

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Squat 315 x 25 DRP
Shrug 245 x 34 DRP
Pull Over 90 x 24 DRP
DB Curl 25s x 28 DRP

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Pleased to have gotten 12 reps w 315 on my first set of reps tonight. Wonder what that might equate to in terms of 1rm?

Edit: I found a rep max calculator online and it said 440. Not so sure. Also too old to find out.

Dude you are a beast

Not so much, but thanks. I’m trying.

Low incline DB fly 50s x 21 DRP
DB lateral raise 25s x 28 DRP
Lying DB Tri ext 25s x 25 DRP

I am getting back into golf after a 12 year layoff. Finding that due to my much larger size my swing path is markedly different than it used to be. I am remembering how slowly. Hit a 535 yard par 5 in 2 this afternoon. Soft fade off the tee with the driver and a soft, high draw to 8 feet with a 17degree hybrid. I missed the eagle putt badly, but hey it felt nice to briefly feel good at it again.

Enjoy your training and gains.
Family,work ,training can be a challenging balance.
I don’t think it makes a huge difference how you train ( DC, 531, conjugate) if you can make gains from your starting point, improve your health and have some fun.
Good luck

I agree. Unless you’re training sports specific movements or competitively I think just being under a bar is the important thing. I like the various HFT styles because I can get in and out in less than an hour and I’m still moving relatively heavy weight without beating my old ass up with volume.

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Training on the road in Chicago. The Sheraton has a decent fitness room. Machines and, surprisingly, dumbbells up to 50s.

Machine press 210 x 25 DRP
OH seated DB press 50s x 22 DRP
DB standing Tri Ext 50 x 21 DRP

Toured Soldier Field today. It was awesome.

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Pull over 95 x 24 DRP
Shrug 265 x 22 DRP
DB curl 25s x 33 DRP
Squat 315 x 26 DRP

Moving to the regular 3 day per week DC workout. I reached the end of my rope on my other schedule.

Low incline BP 205 x 20 DRP
Upright row 135 x 22 DRP
Face pull with 3 bands of unknown weight 40 DRP
Lying DB Tri ext 25s x 32 DRP