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Revolutionary New Diet

Okay, so here goes. Here’s the solution to the obesity problem:

  1. If you know it’s bad for you, don’t eat it.

  2. Don’t drink sodas containing sugar.

  3. Don’t eat fried foods.

  4. Move your body more.


  1. Stop being a tree-hugging pussy and eat some meat.

  2. Lift something heavier than the 20 lb. bag of Jalapeno Poppers you just bought at Costco…fatty.

  3. Grow a spine. Get a gut.

  4. Display more discipline than Veruca Salt in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Along the lines of #1, if it is bad for you and YOU CHOOSE to eat it, don’t blame others for not telling you that a Big Mac twice a day will make you fat! They didn’t hold you down and force feed you, YOU put the crap in your mouth!!

Additionally, for those with kids, get them the hell away from the playstation, the computer and the TV and make them DO SOMETHING!!!

Actually most fat people already have a gut. It is usually flopping over their belt. What they need is some guts.

1:Eat less