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What happens when enough of us become fed up with being bossed around like school children; when endless foreign wars empower bankers, bomb builders, and bureaucrats at the expense of our brothers and sons; when profligate spending destroys our currency and takes with it our quality of life; when excessive regulation restrains our basic liberty and only means of survival; when over-taxation put us out of work and starves our children; when the overlords come for our only means to defend against such depredations?

You don't have to take it.

Stand up and tell those busybodies to go to hell -- and if they don't like it....


'Only repeated, multiplied oppressions placing it beyond all doubt that their rulers had formed settled plans to deprive them of their liberties, could warrant the concerted resistance of the people against their government' - John Adams


So what are you doing about it?


Getting up the guts to say no.

Hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.

Remembering the number one rule: Safety in numbers.


Sounds like Ken Kesey except with out the fun and revelry. At least we did get the 'Electric Kool-aid Acid Tests' out of it. I hope you got something like that cooking.


Well, we elect a president like Lincoln or Kennedy, who attempts to buck the Reserve and foriegn bankers for a gov't currency and then gets shot in the head.


You're forgetting one very important thing. That is, most Americans do NOT feel the way you do. Only about half the country pays taxes, (and most taxes are paid by the top 10% income earners something like 70%) The other half enjoy living for free and having big brother take care of them in some way. And of course ossing them around in payment.

So good luck with that attitude, you've never been further off base.


But what happens when enough people become fed up?

That was my question.

This is not a new concept in historical terms.


They demand UHC.


Unfortunately, you are probably right.



Thats the problem Lift half the population is on some kind of a handout when they dont need it. The only thing we have left is the second amendment and hopefully a good outcome in 2012. We are a long ways from a true revolution as most Americans are living comfortable. In this country poverty is measured in different terms. Not having a nice car with AC is poverty, not having AC is poverty or better yet considered to be poverty.
Wearing walmart shoes and not jordans is considered poverty there in lies the problem lift.


I've often wondered if it won't come down to a violent revolution. I have no idea how things would play out, but it's certainly possible.


Too many lazy people to have a revolution. I agree with many of the posters that too many people are getting handouts to ever want to see them stop. However, you may see some rioting if the handouts stop, for example if the gov't defaults and doesn't send out a SS check or 2. I think the second people didn't get their money they would protest...see Europe's protests against austerity. Hell look at France when they raised the retirement age from 60 to 62.


Not sure what that load of gibberish has to do with the thread but you've inflicted it on me so take this: