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Revolt Towards our Proposed Health Care


Please watch this, it is amazing how liberals act when they are challenged. They run away like a true coward, just like fightingirish. If they truly believed in this they would have stood up to this "MOB" and expressed the convictions they are trying to make us belief in.
Wow, would the supporters of nationalized health care tell me why they support this?


I think it's funny when the White House and Liberal media has labeled senior citizens and some military veterans as "plants" by health care companies and large corporate entities against Obamacare.

I also am upset to see that when someone disagrees with the White House, they are labeled as being a part of a mob, or are displaying artificial hate. To those here at T-Nation who I disagree with, I would not and do not label them in a bad way. I respect those who bring different points of view, and I often learn from many of you all either way.

The White House is losing credibility with statements like this, it doesn't surprise me that Obama's approval is dropping somewhat quickly.




Its a disgrace that the leaders of our Nation tells us that people are wearing swastikas at town hall meetings, i.e. nancy pelosi. The white house tells people to report disinformation statements,lol, to an email based at the WH.
In my young 30 years in America, I have not seen anything like this in terms of political movements.


HAHAHAH. Just like Fightin Irish?

You have 200 posts in four years, and you NEVER contribute to the politics forum. The very idea that YOU are criticizing ME for not standing my ground in political arguments is ludicrous.

Another moron emerges from the woodwork.


You stand your ground based on moronic statements, you contribute nothing but hurling insults towards those oppose your retarded views. You always retort with insults which tells me you tuck your tail and run away like a cockroach when the lights come.
I do not post because unlike you LWN, I actually work for a living and do not expect the Gov. to take care of me. Now back to the original question my fellow American, do you support this atrocious bill and why?
I really think your nothing but bully and a coward, just from statements. Also I read almost all this post I just hardly ever post comments you retard.


This is turning into a fascinating story - and looks to be a slow-motion demolition of public support for the current health care bill.

Most shocking is the Left's "counter-revolt" against dissatisfaction and the democratic outlet of it. It is surreal to see government officials attempting to collect information on those who trade in "fishy" information and attempting to slander ordinary people participating in opportunities to exercise free speech and redress grievances.

And, most importantly, it's backfiring.

As if we needed further confirmation of the contradiction, the last people interested in democracy are Democrats, apparently. Old-school Democrats are rolling in their graves.


Could it be he is just more efficient than you?

Plus, you got to admit, he's right.

And I think the video is hysterically funny. It reminds me of the good ol' Bush days.


At 1.26, their rep uttered the dirty secret: "How could the insurance companies make $80 billion per year in profits if they didn't withhold health care?"

My point exactly, and why, if there is any support of insurance through public mechanisms, their business model must change.


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[quote]MaximusB wrote:
I also am upset to see that when someone disagrees with the White House, they are labeled as being a part of a mob, or are displaying artificial hate. [quote]

I am upset to see that when someone disagreed with the Bush White House, they were labeled as being unpatriotic. The knife cuts both ways.....

How people are viewed when they disagree is a HUGE problem in this country. People are generally incapable (or just unwilling) of acknowledging that someone who holds a different position might actually have a point.

I am embarrassed for these people that attend these town hall meetings with the sole intent of
disrupting the meeting and putting their "little act" on youtube. I feel the same way about people who would be disruptive of any type of meeting. Imagine how these 'grownups' would feel if teenagers disrupted their meetings in the same fashion...



How much profit is that compared to other industries?

If they do not have a competitive ROI, why invest in the insurance business?

Plus, it is painfully simple to lead that ad absurdum:

Why don't they deny ALL claims and make even more profit?

Because nobody would buy their product, thats why. The market keeps them comparably honest.


My congressman is hunkered down in his office. He refuses to hold public meetings or attend public events during the recess. It will backfire and I hope more of them do it.


Yes, more competition please.



Lets see commander hope and change explain this....

One conservative activist, interviewed at a local emergency room where he was being treated for injuries, said he was attacked by some of the individuals who were arrested as he passed out "Don't tread on me" flags.


Health care opponents said liberal organizers had tried to allow early admission to those who were seen as favorable to legislation making its way through Congress. Reed denied the accusations, saying those brought in were organizers helping to set up the town hall.

They also tried to stack the town hall.

The revolt is coming.





A few video's of these patriots in action.


P.S. Their are a few funny videos at the bottom.


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It is quite ironic to me that the "community organizer" is so opposed to a community organizing. Or is organizing only valid when it supports a statist, big-government agenda?


And what is worse none of the Capital Hill cronies will sign up for they believe is best for the rest of us, Little People. Like always the left chose not to speak up because they know they are wrong. Cowards.