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Revita Labs? Any Info?

So after having shoulder surgery and being out of the game for nearly a year and a loss of 45 pounds in muscle mass, I’m back into the never ending struggle to get as big as I can. I’ve been lifting hardcore 6 days a week to regain a base to build off of once more for the past 2 months. Besides protein, DHEA, Omega’s, and my Multi I’m looking to utilize good products in rebuilding. Though I know what does and doesn’t work and will go back to some of what I used to use in the past, I’ve been looking into using products from revitalabs.com.

I first heard about revitalabs.com on a show I listen to on a regular basis am XM radio while working. I’ve heard mixed things in the gym and amongst all my friends and really want to find out whether the shit works or not because of its supposed high potency and its claim to be as close to natural bodily production of amino’s and free base Test as can possibly be conceived.

So can anyone help me out and let me know if they have any info, experience, or further knowledge that I may have not read yet on their products? I’m not interested in their fat burner so exclude that info unless it’s pertinent to the rest of their products.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Lift hard, live healthy,