Revisiting the Indigo Programs

Hello coach / folks - with most recent interest on CT’s “natural” bodybuilding articles & maybe power look/layers…

An old perennial favorite - Indigo Strength - hasn’t gotten too much love. In fact, this was one of the best programs. I think a few old veterans (guy named Bubbles, he was in the strength camp 1 or 2) swore by the strength template (“best gains”).

Curious if anyone’s still using this template or style of training. Really nice blend of high frequency / compound movement practice, a “concentrated” main movement pattern done with cluster/rest pause (“layeresque”), then some high rep isolation to really hit all “angles”/volume.

The original program burnt me out (hard to stick more than 2 weeks max). I instinctively need to cut down on the final circuits as well as dial in reps on the “high frequency strength work” (3x5 for heavier movements done in circuit fashion of 2-3 compounds… wasn’t too fond of the hypertrophy template but might give it a go).

And overall freq at 4-5 (not 6-7) days. Possibly even 3. Any other tweaks / updates??