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Revisiting The Big-15

Hey Paul,

As life has necessitated I am looking for intelligent ways to train 3 days a week that also meet my other desires and needs, and I am revisiting some of your old works, name SLL and the Big-15 program which has always appealed to me. As does the LRB Template, which I’ll probably use at some point as well.

Based on your current writings and musings, it seems like some of the info in that program might be a bit outdated with your current thinking (not that the program doesnt work obviously, but maybe its sub-optimal?)

To refresh your memory its 3 big workouts and 3 small workouts a week. Big workouts are chasing rep PR’s with 50% sets on the money exercises, and the small workouts are delts/traps and arms work with a rotating rep schemes of things like 5x10 or 5x20.

Do you think the “small” workouts might be better placed on the Big days, and the volume cut down to 1-2 failure sets? This gives the body more days to recover and reduces what I interpret you seem to view as junk volume.

Thanks for your time.