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Revisiting Rep Ranges

Hey CT can you revisit rep-ranges & performance/strength vs “hypertrophy”. This is a dead horse beat often but there’s a very vocal camp that would say 3x10 produces more hypertrophy than a 5x6 or 10x3.

Even if the latter bar is moved as powerfully as possible.

Then you have some camps say the exact oppposite (better to do heavier work for lower reps but way more sets, total tonnage/volume is what’s important).

Where do you stand on this? I used to think you were the 2nd camp, but your recent programs reflect a much more of the former.

And if the maximum gain is 25 lbs of muscle…then does this even matter (i want to say it DOES matter though…even in natural guys over the years).

Performance/preference wise, well I’m used to multiple sets of low reps, ramping up so thats what i enjoy the most. It’s very different feeling than 2-3 warm up sets followed by a top blast set thats in the higher rep range.

Thank you

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Yeah I don’t think it really matters. Look at the routines of the Olympia champs (yes I know they are drugged henetics freaks) but some of them had really different trainings
I think doing what motivates you to train hard/fits your profile will do the trick. Personally I have put mass using either method so…

Don’t forget 10 sets 10 reps , 3 sets of 20 reps or crazy 2-5 minutes sets or complexes

Stop bugging CT and beating dead horses lel

Check out Stronger by Science’s articles:

The New Approach to Training Volume
The “Hypertrophy Range” – Fact or Fiction?
The “Hypertrophy Range” – Stats and Adjustments

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If i was CT id tell them all to get lost and roast them haha

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You have to consider who is giving you the info. From my work with neurotypes I came to the conclusion that different neurotypes respond to different training approaches.

Type 1A get bigger by getting stronger and they lift heavy by using high tension
Type 1B get bigger by getting strong and they lift heavy trying to accelerate it
Type 2A everything works, but nothing works for long
Type 2B get stronger by becoming bigger
Type 3 get bigger and stronger by mastering technique and feeling in control

So if a coach/expert is a 1A or 1B he will naturally recommend trying to move more and more weight if you want to get bigger because anecdotally he has found that this what works for him

A 2A expert (like me) will be the expert who recommends various approaches, seemingly contradicting himself. In reality it is because everything try will work to some extent but it stops working fast.

A 2B expert will recommend more about feeling the muscle, going to failure (or beyond it) and that the pump is important, focus on the feeling not the load, etc.

A Type 3 expert will normally be the one who talks more about technique, will recommend programs based on few lifts that you stick with for a long time, etc.

Everything can work provided that you train hard. There is no “best” loading scheme or method. It really depends on your neurotype.

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It matter in that you should find the best approach for your type. But what is good for me might not be good for you.

Dude I just completed a document listing all the training methods I know/used. This will be for an online certification I will produce. And there are over 400 methods/loading schemes!!!

Not good for business LOL


nothing’s new under the training Sun gents…i’m helping spin the marketing wheel for CT :wink:

thx, neurotype is the way to go now i see. i’ll probably stick with the tried & true for me (3-5 reps on the big compounds, higher reps + intensification stuff on assistance). combined with some bodyweight activation stuff, pretty much hits all my cravings & good for physiology (hypertrophy/aesthetics).

look fwd to your new works coach (digital versions if possible pls!)

Yeah but it’s still annoying AF. Honestly everytime you post I ask myself if I really should answer because honesty I’ve been tired of you for a few years. BUT I’m a better person than that and sometimes your questions allow me to provide info that other (more receptive) people will benefit from.

The thing is that you SAY that you understand but within a few weeks you go back to looking for a magic solution. You say that you understand that we don’t all have the same genetics and whatnot yet after 2 weeks you look for advice from 23 YO natural bodybuilders who obviously have 10x better genetics than you and what applies to them wont apply to you.

I’m all for gaining knowledge. But seeking knowledge when you know that you are easily seduced by concepts is a recipe for spinning your wheels and not progressing/regressing. I would think that after 4-5 years of banging your head against the wall you would have realized that. And understood that there is not a training system or method out there that will bypass your genetics and give you want you are not programmed to have.

I accepted that years ago . I always wanted to be a lean 245-250. And if someone has the knowledge to get there it’s me. Yet even at my best I didn’t get close to it. We each are programmed to be topped out at a certain level. The best we can do is become the best that WE can be and enjoy our sessions.


This is great!

CT will probably recognise me for the same annoying reasons! I have made many posts/questions on here and on the thib forum. Bought many of his plans.
‘Listened’ to much of his advice.
But I definitely didn’t see the bigger picture!!

I noticed yesterday that I’ve been making great progress, and I also realised that I haven’t been online a forum or article for almost a month!

I’ve stopped changing what I am doing every day, I’ve stopped second guessing my plan.

I think we all know ‘enough’ to make progress, be honest with what your main flaws are, work on those before you focus on the minute details!

Well said CT!

Great post, I agree, especially with the “we know all enough to make progress” part and that you made the best progress when you stopped second guessing everything.

fair enough ct thanks