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Revisiting CT's Fastest Way to Get Jacked Program


On thibarmy (an earlier post, scroll through a few pages on blog…don’t think i can post links here)

Curious any folks here tried/stayed with it for a few weeks/months? I’m coming back from a week layover and just rearing to go!

This full body 3x a week interpersed with “bodybuilding”/isolation/pump work sounds incredible & powerful.

The original layout was a little too intense for me so i have modified it basically with:
3 main days done in 5x5 fashion (mixing up 5 RM vs. 3RM and some days with a back offset other days no etc.)
Then in in between i would have 2 days working on chest & arms or back/biceps & shoulders (picking favorite “assistance” work, lighter weight more rest pause like myoreps)

Really really powerful & fun way to train. Maximize aesthetics (upper body) & overall growth!


I’ve done it twice! I friggin loved it too. I couldn’t do more than 4 weeks on it before crashing. First time I only got a bit through the 3rd week. Article does say its brutally hard and only for 4-6 weeks. I remember asking CT if there were a way to stay on it — search fastest way to get jacked long term.

Sep '17
Honestly I woudn’t do it long term, even in a surplus.

FROM EXPERIENCE … the programs you really LOVE in the short term always lead to burn out when you do them long term.
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I’ve tried the original one, very good results in just 4 week. But there is a big price to pay; overall fatigue. I had to deload with a full week away from the gym!


Yep, it’s just like making a big mortgage loan to the bank… it can allow you to buy a big house, but you have to pay a lot of interest


right…i’m all about the huge jumbo loan 0% interest which will default on! aka layers :wink:

seriously though, this 3x full body + interpsered lighter work/volume/myoreps is a really reallly good template. if i do a more standard ramping 3-5 reps (like strong lifts, pendlay etc.) i get the benefits of a long term strength program while synergistically getting hypertrophy/size focus on the “off” days.

will report back in a few weeks !