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Revisiting CT's Fastest Way to Get Jacked Program

On thibarmy (an earlier post, scroll through a few pages on blog…don’t think i can post links here)

Curious any folks here tried/stayed with it for a few weeks/months? I’m coming back from a week layover and just rearing to go!

This full body 3x a week interpersed with “bodybuilding”/isolation/pump work sounds incredible & powerful.

The original layout was a little too intense for me so i have modified it basically with:
3 main days done in 5x5 fashion (mixing up 5 RM vs. 3RM and some days with a back offset other days no etc.)
Then in in between i would have 2 days working on chest & arms or back/biceps & shoulders (picking favorite “assistance” work, lighter weight more rest pause like myoreps)

Really really powerful & fun way to train. Maximize aesthetics (upper body) & overall growth!

I’ve done it twice! I friggin loved it too. I couldn’t do more than 4 weeks on it before crashing. First time I only got a bit through the 3rd week. Article does say its brutally hard and only for 4-6 weeks. I remember asking CT if there were a way to stay on it — search fastest way to get jacked long term.

Sep '17
Honestly I woudn’t do it long term, even in a surplus.

FROM EXPERIENCE … the programs you really LOVE in the short term always lead to burn out when you do them long term.
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I’ve tried the original one, very good results in just 4 week. But there is a big price to pay; overall fatigue. I had to deload with a full week away from the gym!

Yep, it’s just like making a big mortgage loan to the bank… it can allow you to buy a big house, but you have to pay a lot of interest

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right…i’m all about the huge jumbo loan 0% interest which will default on! aka layers :wink:

seriously though, this 3x full body + interpsered lighter work/volume/myoreps is a really reallly good template. if i do a more standard ramping 3-5 reps (like strong lifts, pendlay etc.) i get the benefits of a long term strength program while synergistically getting hypertrophy/size focus on the “off” days.

will report back in a few weeks !

And ? Lol

Oh it’s a brilliant and fun way to train. 3 full body workouts by the tried and true strength training. Interspersed with 2-3 days of “bodybuilding” or skill work. Need to have good recovery (diet, sleep) and moderate stress. But affords faster gains in muscle and strength given frequency and recovery (between the big lifts).

Of coruse trade off is being able to really drill a movement (like layers style) vs only hitting it on a ramping set of 3-5 reps…however can always do back off sets or simply ramp up to a 1RM and then do 5x5.

My days between the main compound lifts are simply below-the-ring work (levers, pullups, scarecrows) and handstand pushups (working to deficit, from boxes & deadstop). Effectively building a v-taper that will block out sunlight.

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