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Revisiting After New Bloodwork - Benefit from TRT?

It comes and goes, but I have every symptom of low T. The fatigue and depression are more often than not, even if I don’t have anything to be depressed about. Still having emotional outbursts that are extremely embarrassing, and they feel totally out of character for me. Waves of very low confidence too, despite months of therapy working on this the best I can. I am totally dependent on Cialis to perform, and have been for years. It’s gotten worse. My current girlfriend I’m really into, and while I can actually perform without it, it’s a far cry from “good enough.” Also frustrated that I have to have everything in my life PERFECT to feel normal. Couple drinks? Late night? Any of these suck me down into the 400s.

I’ve begun a round of nofap to see if I can pull myself out of it without drugs. I’ve been tried on cabergoline 3x and it only worsened my ED. I tried clomid last year, and it did wonders the first week, then made me super emotional. I’ll never know if that was placebo or not.

I’ve tried really hard to get my numbers higher by lifestyle improvement. Eating spot on (lots of eggs, unsaturated fats, etc), working out 4-5 days a week (hour of lifting, no cardio), no alcohol or drugs, and sleep is at 6+ hours a night (still a work in progress). I still go out on the weekends, but try to cut my nights a little shorter, and only one night (most of the time).

Labs from November:

In March/April 2018 I was on clomid. On 12/28 I tried aromasin.

If you’re in good health and not overweight, TRT should work quickly. Your SHBG is high enough to warrant two 50-60mg of testosterone injections per week, this should see levels in the high normal ranges.

Once you start TRT you will need to have realistic expectations, days or weeks after you start TRT you will eventually experience HPTA shutdown and during this time you will feel like crap, after your levels become stable after 6 weeks you should start to feel good again.

Your clomid experience is typical, eventually the good feeling are replaced by emotional instability some time after starting clomid.