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Revised Training Plan

Well I posted up a plan about two weeks ago and have since been testing it out and altering it accordingly. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say about it or anything about the direction I'm trying to go. 

200ish (or so the scale says)
13-15% bf
Bench: about 280
Dead: 430-450 with straps
Don’t clean and don’t heavy squat because of knee issues and I just don’t really like them.

Goal: Want to gain mass obviously, but don’t want to have the big BB look but rather a smaller natural BB look. I’d be very happy at 215-225

Diet and Supps: I dabble in both, I eat well and clean, but not always as much as I should or as many veggies as I should (older kid who still hates his veggies). Supplements, well I just started taking creatine and up until now I’ve only taken protein powder consistently.

I don’t really have set days that I take off even though my plan is split into 4 days. I usually just take a day or two off when I feel I need to. If I feel great I wont take days off.

All movements are 6x4/6x5 depending on how I feel

Day 1: Chest
Dumbell flat: 70-80 lbs
Dumbell Incline: 55-65 lbs
Dumbell decline: 65-75 lbs
Pec-deck(cablecross type thing):165-180

Day 2: Bicep (biceps biggest weakness)
Straight bar-curl: 85-95 lbs
hammer rope curl: 140 lbs
EZ bar curl: 80
Incline hammer curl: 30 lbs
Cable to head curl: 60 lbs

Day 3: Pull
Dead lift: 225, 305, 305, 305, 385
Lat pull down: 170 lbs
Seated row: 180 lbs
Dumbell row: 80 lbs
Barbell Shrugs 8x4: 275

Day 4: Shoulders/Triceps
Mil press: 60-70 lbs
Upright row: 95 lbs
Lateral raise and variations: 35 lbs
Rope push downs: l80 lbs
straight bar push down: 160 lbs
Iso push down: 60 lbs
Seated seat-belt pushdowns: 200 lbs

Off days: abs and random work, usually rubber band type stuff to keep my joints healthy. One of the off days I’ll do leg work with front squats and the other usual machines, but again, legs aren’t my focus.

Any advice/critique is appreciated