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Revised Torture Guidelines

Check this out:


That was funny!

Awfully credible look (not the text content, duh!)

I`m surprised they managed to get whitehouse.org and the goverment did not sue them or repo the site … specially with contents of this nature!

Dan C – check out the rest of the site, it’s great. Very clever and smart.

funny shit


Yes, indeed pretty funny!
Now how many are going to start posting serious shit on this thread?

5{how you have a mental image of someone when you are responding to them or talking to them but have never actually seen them?

Well Elk, There is this big biker dude that rides around town with a black helmet and deer antler sticking out of his helmet. Big ones too, and I always seem to have that mental picture of you when I’m responding to you? Are you stalking me? :wink:

Oh vegita,
I sure did get a good laugh from that mental image you have of me! Actually I am much more scary, I do not wear a helmut and the antlers, big ones have been surgically attached to my skull!

No seriously, I do have tattoos, but they cannot be seen unless I’m shirtless. I am actually very clean cut, short hair, Polo shirt and jeans kinda guy.

I don’t mean to hijack, but I know what you mean, I have a mental picture of most of the people I see post here.

And no, this big biker anti-war activist is not stalking you.
End of hijack.