Revised, Improved Bigger Arms Challenge?

Hi Dr. Darden-

In light of the recent post on “Skinny Arm Disease”,I looked up your article from 3/5/08–Revised,Improved Bigger Arm Challenge.How would you modify it(if at all) to update it?Thanks for your commentary.

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A recent re-jig for tris…

The Skinny Arm Disease article and the Gold School Triceps article are both modifications. But I am working on several more which will be tested and posted soon.


Mike Mentzer did single arm curls

Dorian Yates did single arm curls on a Nautilus multi-biceps machine!


I have noticed increased concentration of the mind/muscle connection during unilateral training. I have also noticed a decrease in cardiovascular recruitment during unilateral versus bilateral arm training. These observations can be considered advantageous to a trainee.

A rare case where I agree with atp_4_me. I also like unilateral work for my arms, especially since my leading arm (right) is much stronger and larger (at least by 1/2 inch). It’s a good variation too.

I notice significant drop in cardiovascular recruitment doing any arm specialization exercise.

I like doing alternating DB curls at times.

Back in the day, I recall some of the Hammer iso-machines in a Gold’s gym I trained at which included a vertical chest press, pulldown, and row machine. There was a Hammer dip machine there too but I don’t recall if it was iso or not.

We have to watch that😉