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Revised First Cycle


I'm still researching and planning my first cycle, I'm coming back to training after a long break so I'm waiting until I can hit all of my old PR's before I start my cycle, which has been great motivation. I think i've improved on my cycle idea, just want some comments and suggestions from experienced members.

Weeks 1-4 and 10-12: Dbol 40mg ED
weeks 1-10: Test E 250mg E3D (750mg frontload on 1st injection)
adex: .5 mg EOD

PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20 with a 120mg frontload

anything i should add or change? i decided to stop the test E at week 10 and use Dbol while the test is wearing off to make recovery a bit easier without comprimising gains. Thanks


looks fine to me, seeing what you have changed from your last post.

others may not be responding since you omitted some of the info of you last post, wherein you detailed your experience and goals a bit more, but that is only a guess.




I'll be running the same thing in a few weeks, aside from the front load(s) and a higher dosage on both compounds.
Good luck.


You are going to take the Dbol for 6 weeks in total. why dont you start your Dbol at week 7 or 6 and end it week 12.
Your blood levels will start to stable around week 3, so taking it at that time or after that time will be a better choice (gains-health).

After week 6 on test your gains will start to slow down (homeostasis) so starting the Dbol around that time will give your cycle a GREAT boost.
I've tried both approaches( Dbol in the beginning - Dbol at the end) from my experience, the gains from the second one were better. Less sides as well.
Good luck


maybe I misunderstood, but are you planning to use dbol as part of pct? as a bridge? from recent articles that I've read, it clearly states that bridges hinder recovery, and that it's best to cut all juice off at the same time ...wait two weeks then start the nolva. I dunno I'm no expert, maybe someone could chime in, I'd like to know also.

my plan is to run test n dbol at the same time and stop at the same time. let the test hit a low point then start working on getting your "boys" back in shape. Hence making recovery quicker and more effective. To my understanding Dbol will still suppress HPTA , hence making recovery longer. But like I said I don't know shit, and I'd like to hear more :slight_smile:


It's not a bridge, it actually should help with my recovery, let me explain. Initially I had planned to run test E 600mg week for 12 weeks.. after my last shot i'd still have to wait for 2 weeks for the test to run its course and then start PCT, this means my HPTA would be suppressed for 14 weeks total

My new plan is to stop the Test E at week 10 instead... and during the 2 week period where the test is slowing exiting my system i'll use Dbol to continue making gains from week 10 to 12... at week 12 the test E has already ran its course and dbol has such a short half life that i can now start my PCT on week 12... meaning my HPTA is suppressed for 12 weeks instead of 14

another question though... would it be wise to take the dbol all in one dose during weeks 10 to 12 considering that it is less suppressive to HPTA that way? would this help my recovery or will the test still be supressing so much that it wouldnt make a difference?


You will be fully suppressed for weeks ten to twelve so you might as well hammer it throughout the day for those two weeks before you come off if thats what you want to do. I would personally run the dbol for as long as you are at peak blood levels to maximise the gains on cycle, so weeks four to ten would be ideal. I would also add in 150-250 IU of HCG E3D as well, and stop it just before PCT starts. This will make recovery much easier.


Oh yeah, and don't forget da creatinz bro.




that would be my choice, I'm pretty sure every cycle I do from now on will be 8-10 weeks long plus the pct.


thanks MassiveGuns... everyone seems to have a different opinion on when I should run the Dbol but most say it should be when the test is at full strength... so maybe I'll run it 4-10 or something, although the first 2 weeks of my cycle won't do much, but if i make more gains in the end its definitely worth it. Besides I do like the idea of having 6 weeks of massive gains in strength and size instead of 10 weeks of moderate gains. I love throwing around big weights more then anything, so i think im going to love this cycle.

I wasn't going to run HCG at first but i didn't realize it was so cheap, so i'm going to now. is HCG pinned IM or subcutaneously? I also think its a good idea considering I'm 21, so I want my recovery to be as smooth as possible... I realize that's young but I've already attained a fair level of muscle, and know my body very well, i also want to be successful in the sport and possibly give fitness modeling a try, my goal for my physique is far beyond what can be achieved naturally...

in fact I'd say if theres one person who has my absolute IDEAL physique is prisoner... not to sound like a fanboy, but that dude has the most aesthetic physique that i know of, with an absolutely ridiculous level of size and muscularity.

thanks for the help guys.. my goal for the cycle is to build as much strength and mass as possible... if anyone else has any recommendations for a mass cycle, or what drugs they like to use for mass cycles, i would love to hear them.


Subcutaneous at 250iu every 3 days. I started hcg at week 5 during my 10 week cycle. But you can do so as early as week 3. It will definitely help recovery. I ALWAYS run hcg during cycle, but that is me personally.


Not trying to hijack your thread, but I'm hoping someone would explain the hcg on cycle theory. I understand how hcg works, I'm just curious why you start ita few weeks in... also when do you stop?

Thanks DOM