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Revised First Cycle...

Ok guys let me thank you first for setting my on the right track a few weeks back. I thought I had prepared myself properly but after my first post I had quite an awakening to my ignorance on the subject in spite of the research I felt I had done already.

I am 33. I have been working out hard since 25. I suffered a shoulder injury about two years ago that did limit my workouts for about 10 months. I have full range of motion and have been back in the gym hard for over a year now. My main goal is to add size to my overall body and to my legs. I am rather large up top but I had cancer in my knee as a teenager and suffered from severe atrophy in both legs. I was on my parents couch for about two years and basically had to learn how to walk again. Mainly I would like to increase overall size and try to key in on my leg growth.

500 mgs/w two 250 mgs shots a week of test E for 8 weeks.
40 mgs/d of Dbol for 4 weeks. (1-4)
PCT to start 2 weeks after my last Test E shot

I cannot get a hold of Letro or another AI here in Kuwait. I have a guy trying to order it for me but it is not looking good. Can I take 20mgs of Nolvadex per day to keep my gyno concerns at bay? And if I do take this is there still a possibility of me seeing symptoms of Gyno? On some other posts I have seen that the advice is (without AI on hand) to up to 60 mgs a day for a few days until the gyno symptoms subside and then taper off to about 10-20mgs a day.

My only concern, me being a mild worry wort, is that I will manifest the symptoms in my head. What are some concrete symptoms? I know tenderness or sensitivity of the nipples is key, but can I get a little more detail there. by tender does that mean when i touch them they will be tender or does it mean i will have an actual ache in my nipple/chest without any contact? Does gyno always effect both nipples or can it single in on one? And is my cycle long enough and is the gear in big enough dosages to induce gyno?

My pct I have not come to a concrete conclusion on? Everywhere I go I see just about the same PCT with the only difference being the choice of Nolv or Clomid. I have Nolvadex in ample supply and was planning on using this as my PCT. I know the standard is 40 40 20 20 for daily intakes for four weeks. I also have clomid. What is the best way to bounce back quick? Clomid or Nolv?

Thanks for the input guys.

Stats please. Heigh, Weight and Lifts.

That would be enough to induce Gyno in nearly anyone. I dont think 20mg of Nolva would be enough to stop it, I would keep looking for an AI if I was you, preferably Adex.

6’ 205lbs
bench 315 x1
I do not squat too heavy do to my knee. 340 lbs 5x5s

nolva is good for PCT. I’d suggest that if you have someone in the states you can trust, have them obtain some Adex from and RC and send it over to you. Adex is hard to find in the Middle East IME for some reason.

thanks for the responses guys. I have found some RCs in the states and canada I am going to try to obtain some Letro from. Hard part now is getting that shit through the military post office as I do not trust the Kuwaiti mail system.

Hey fire…are you ravens or a skins fan? I grew up in Mont Co.