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Revised Andro War Stack?????

With my job I find it impossible to use Androsol (or Nandrosol for that matter) 2x a day. I leave for work at 12 noon and dont get home until midnite, and I work in a manual labor job so I get pretty sweaty at work. This makes it impossible to apply the second application. Then I saw in Issue #138 where Tim recommends using Androsol 1x a day (35-70 sprays) before 8am, then washing it off by 8pm, and except for being on for 2 weeks, you stay on for 4 weeks and take a 5 week lay off. I just want to know from Tim, Brock, Bill and all the T-Men out there, is this just an effective and safe stack as the stack that is recommeneded on the bottel of Androsol? And just one more question, would it be alright if I applied the application before 12 noon and washed it off by midnite? If anyone has other cycle protocols, where I can only apply the product 1x a day, and still get the same great results everyone else does, that can benefit me, please help out. Thank You

I really don’t know how variations of things
we’ve tried might work. I’d guess that
what you suggest is OK.

One thing you could do is to obtain an
accurate and quantitated “before” size
of your testicles, or one testicle. Two
ways to do this are:

  1. Measure the minor axis (across) while
    holding the scrotum so as be wrapped around
    the top half of the testicle, where it
    can be seen clearly.

  2. Make a silly putty replica that seems to
    the eye and hand to be the same size as
    the testicle.

Now at this point, you can use an androgen
product and so long as you haven’t definitely
dropped size, keep going! This would be
a way to see for yourself whether there is
any inhibition (or much inhibition) with
your protocol. Even if no shrinkage, I’d
stop at 8 weeks (or sooner) then take at
least 4 weeks off.

Thanks Bill for the response and help. I am just a little confused. I aint really worried about staying on Androsol for as long as possible until testicle atrophy. I bascially just wanted to know: if I used Androsol 1x a day (35-70 spreays in the morn.), for 4 weeks, then took a 8 week lay off, would that be just as effective and safe as using it as the bottel recommends (2x a day applications, for 2 weeks, with a 4 week layoff)? Thanks for your help and advive.

I have used Androsol at 200 sprays per day (100 in the morning, 100 at night) for 4 continuous weeks with no obvious signs of inhibition (testicles stayed the same size, still had morning erections, etc., and I kept all but 2-3 pounds of what I gained). Plus I was simultaneously taking a sublingual cyclodextrin nordiol powder 5 times per day. I rather doubt that I’m the exception.