Reviews on my Cycle?

Hi guys, just needed some reviews on my cycle here.

It’s a var+ test prop and clen cycle.

Var 50mg ed weeks 1-8
Test Prop 100mg eod wks 1-8
Clomid 50mg ed weeks 9-11
Tribulus 5g ed wks 9-12
Clen will run in wks 3-4 and 7-8

You guys think i have my bases covered? for pct and hpta shutdown do you think its actl enough?

goals is body recomp and cutting for a weightclass somewhere in june, thus the var and clen addition with prop to try and avoid any bloat.

Arimidex at 0.5mg E3D would control the bloat to a greater extent, but the prop and var are only going to mildly bloat you since the doses aren’t really high.

I would also recommend going with Nolvadex at 20mg/day for PCT and run it for 4-5 weeks. Clomid always seems to give me emotional sides.

you reckon i should bump the doses up just a slight notch?

what say you if
Var 60mg ed weeks 1-8
Test Prop 150mg eod wks 1-8
Tribulus 5g ed wks 9-12
Clen will run in wks 3-4 and 7-8
Nolva 20mg ed wks 9-12

im considering taking yohimbine along with my clen as well.

Post your stats(cycle history, age, max lifts) and we’ll go from there…

This is my first cycle.

I’m in a sport that requires power endurance and thus most of my trainings focus on that in addition to alot of technique work. I do stuff like timed squats and high rep squats, however pr tested abt 1year back was 180kg in the deadlift, 145kg in the back squat, 130kg or so in the front, not so sure on the bench though.

I train fulltime now with two or three double training sessions wkly, with a total of 8-10 trainings each week.

The Var wont bloat you at all… the prop will mildly, the clen wont help with bloat - (bloat is water retention caused by a rise in estrogen via conversion from the higher levels of testosterone and the body trying to keep the same ratios of the hormones in relation to each other).

I assume you will be dieting ON this cycle? I am not sure 5g of trib will do much more than 2g… but if you know better i am not 100% on that supplement.
Trib is helpful to some and not others, some swear by it, some find it useless.
I used to use it when i was natural, and i found the first few times gave decent results in training (no, really!) but after a while, it seemed to cease giving results - even after significant breaks. Same for horny goat weed (which is more sexual benefits rather than anabolic - and the anabolic effects of trib are controvertial)
I do understand why it is in PCT though, as it is claimed to secrete or act as Lutenizing Hormone.

What is your current bodyfat level? If for eg. you are 40% fat, then you will need longer than 8 weeks. If you are 20% and are not an ecto naturally, you might struggle to get below 10% in 8 weeks depending on a few factors…

By your vague sport stats - which are good - it shows you train hard but do you do cardio?
Clen burns brown fat, the stored kind - and it takes added exercise and cardio to burn the energy (from the fat) released by the clen.

Clen is particularly uncomfortable in the majority of users as it has such a long half life, and once you take 100mcg you have taken 100mcg, so if you suffer sides it is too late… over 32-36 hour half life IIRC - however the alternative is the same kind of drug totally (beta2 asthma meds in pill/liquid preps), but shorter acting.
Albuterol (or Salbutamol in the UK) is dosed 3 or so times a day as the half life is much shorter, allowing a better control of blood levels (ie. allowing them to drop when required - say at night), avoiding sleeplessness, and also it helps to avoid the desensitisation of receptors which occurs in a mere 2 weeks with clen.

Bear in mind also that the only fat loss preperation is the clen, and you only have 4 weeks of it.
Add benadryl or ketofen and you could use it (or albuterol) for longer 2 on 1 off or some such.
You could cycle the clen and an ECA stack for fat loss benefits the whole cycle. If you respond decently to stims, i hate them personally. :wink:

I have always used nolva for 4 weeks for PCT, and i would suggest you use clomid for the same length… something like 100mg/100mg/50mg/50mg - which is a daily dose for each of the 4 weeks.

Another thing, you have chosen Var and Prop as your “cutting anabolics” - is this because you are “cutting” and they are “cutting” drugs, or for performance reasons?
A high androgen content will help burn fat, but dont rely on AAS to do that.

The reason i ask is because there is a misconception among many new users where they assume the drugs used for dropping fat by bodybuilders are used for their fat loss capabilities, when it is merely the fact they help to achieve a certain look that judges require in a physique athlete - dryness, paper thin skin/no sub-cut water, hard looking muscles, and extreme vascularity and definition, with all striations perfectly visable in each movement, this is due to a high androgen content and zero aromatization - and often diuretics and letrozole to really banish all water, just for that day (of the show).

Is this a requirement of yours and are you going down to 3-4% bodyfat? If not you needn’t spend the excess money on the notoriously expensive var, and opt for the cheaper winstrol… also…

I have lost fat on test E and Nandrolone Deca, down to 10% and it was near impossible to lose muscle on that cycle, although it wouldnt be deemed a “cutting” cycle by stereotype, the point is, if you are no physique athlete you neednt use the really mild but dry drugs like primo, var, winny etc… and use a good hard cycle to offset catabolism - which is why steroids are used when dieting after all.
I assumed you may be tested so chose an oral and a short acting test where it has a detection time of 2-3 weeks… is this true? If not you could use more anabolism to offset the extra catabolism caused by the extra work and the clen/fat loss drugs used… shit 500mg to 700mg of test a week plus a decent anabolic would be fine.

See what i mean mate?

Just throwing a few things out there…