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Reviews of My Diet Requested!


Here is pretty much what I eat on a daily basis.
I weigh 175 and am currently trying to do a clean and not necessarily super fast bulk.
I just started Chad Waterbury's "Huge in a Hurry" workout plan which is 3 workouts a week on alternating days
I do cardio (intervals and someeee steady state) on at least 2 of the off days.

1.5 cups of instant oatmeal/oatbran ~450 calories, 21g fiber, 75g carbs, 18g "protein"
whey protein shake with skim milk - 200 calories, 30g protein, 12g carbs
maybe a few nuts here and there, but nothing that adds up to 50 additional calories.

11am: (pre-workout)
fruit (different kinds, usually about 200 calories worth) 40g carbs
whey shake with milk (another 200 calories) 30g protein 12g carbs

1pm: (post workout)
1 cup oatmeal ~ 300 calories
1 whey shake w/ skim milk~ 200 calories
some fruit ~100 calories (apple?)

fairly lean cheese
200 calories
20g protein 15ish grams of fat.
2.5g of triple strength fish oil (2g omega 3s)

5pm- dinner
large portion of meat (chicken, beef, pork, or fish)
some starchy carbs (like 1 potato or 1 serving of rice)
2 cups green veggies
Not sure on the calories of this meal, but id guess anywhere from 500-1000 depending on the type of meat.

8pm- serving of nuts perhaps 200 calories

pre-bed: cup of cottage cheese with sugarfree jello and flax seeds or if im lazy a casein protein shake. 250 or 120 calories.

-Whey protein
-Sometimes casein protein
-Fish oil
-xtend bcaas, Just got this, will probably use 1/2 a serving during my workout or a full serving if its a long workout.


Switch to steel cut oatmeal, much healthier, and probably cheaper also.


can steel cut oats still be prepared quickly? (ie microwave?)

when i say "instant oatmeal" i mean the quaker oat brand that comes in the large tub, not the sugary packaged flavored stuff.


I got ya coming in around 3,000 kcal a day depending on your dinner. What is your routine? How old are you? Any cardio? Active lifestyle?

One thing I see is that the only veggies in your diet are at dinner. Get some type of Superfood supplement, or eat more veggies. You also eat a large amount of slow digesting foods as your post workout meal. I would suggest having your protein with some water along with some simple carbs i.e. waxy maize or even fruit about 3/4 through your workout. Spike the insulin and feed the protein. Then hit the solid meal or another PWO again about an hour later. I would imagine that you probably need to be up over 3,500 kcals a day to be honest....and you can still do that somewhat clean.


yeah the 3000 calories is about right, I was considering adding some nuts/turkey and carbs peri-workout to get it up to about 3,500

and you're definitely right about the veggies only being at dinner, even though i do usually get a lot of them, would having 1-2 non-baby carrots in between meals do the trick?


Just looking at things on the surface I think you need to keep it up around 3,300 at least. Especially with the cardio, your age, and the lifestyle. Just to give you an idea I am 33 years old, lift for an hour 5 times a week, very little cardio (almost none), I have a desk job, and am not all that active once I get home for the day. Just with those numbers and lifestyle i have to be over 3,500 - 3,700 to gain. And that is a slow, healthy, relatively clean gain.

If you are home for most of your meals then get a variety of different veggies. The carrots are ok but broccoli is better. The green veggies are the ticket.