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Reviews of Indigo Training


I was wondering if anyone could speak about the levels of support they receive from Christian in terms of nutrition and training to go along with indigo. I realize he's really busy, and it seems like it might keep him from reaching all the questions in the indigo project.

So with that said, I was wondering as far as personalization of programs and nutrition. As far as, any specific dietary needs, training around injury, equipment restrictions, and so forth.

I'm really impressed at this point in time, and thinking about throwing my chips in to help maximize my performance since I'm coming out of retirement from hockey.


From what I've seen of CT's (and CS) involvement with the Indigo guys, their guidance and time alone would make it worth the money, and you also may have a chance to go to Colorado...

If I wasn't poor as fuck and had to deal with a 100% mark up on the prices due to living in the UK I would definitely buy it.


Yeah I can see that, but would prefer to hear the feelings of the actual trainees preferably to see if my programming can be modified and designed with any in season bumps, injuries, or special factors that take place. And "eat more carbs" isn't a nutrition program. I can't say I've read through the logs to get a better idea on nutrition advice and everything, but that's all I really see in the livespill. I know I'd probably need some coaching/advice as far as in-season solutions and such.

And does the coaching require that I follow the ANACONDA Prrotocol? I mean I can dish out for coaching / Indigo-3G, but sorry I can't afford to not buy my protein in bulk at this moment.


CT does very well with helping you work around injuries and equipment. He can think up a way to get around most anything.

CS is really the guy doing the nutrition on this-- don't worry, he's telling people to eat carbs. And plenty of them.

It's advised that you follow a proper peri-workout protocol consisting of Surge Workout Fuel, ANACONDA and MAG-10. There are a few who can't afford it and are only doing what they can, or using other things, no idea what though.


Plus it looks like Tim Patterson is going to give out some prowlers to the Indigo-3G users.

Words cant describe how awesome Biotest can be.


I don't think it's going to be a "give out" like you'd think. They are going to be like the CO trip. I think people are going to have to earn it. Like the guy who just drags weights with a rope in the sand.

It's the hard workers that'll get rewarded.


Both CT and CS have been very receptive to all questions and concerns, even via PM's. The two of these guys definitely are knee deep in Indigo-3G related questions, however I have noticed that the more you put in, the more you get out of it. If you see on the livespill, Ashy, Thoughts, Synergy, etc, along with Corst, Ryan, and of course Professor X (along with many others) are always asking questions, even extremely specific ones to make sure they are doing everything to make their Indigo-3G experience increasingly beneficial. All these guys also have in common the habit of keeping very meticulous logs, including diet, training, and photos so onlookers, CS, and CT can better evaluate and guide them in their experience. This is exactly what I mean by saying, "What you put in, is what you get out of it".

As a fellow athlete (college lacrosse) I have worked with CT to customize my program for both hypertrophy and performance purposes. So far (8 days) I have increased my strength levels in each workout, feel more energetic in the weight room (both physiologically and motivationally), and have increased performance (via 40 yard sprints, vertical jump, plyometrics, etc). To me this is a great project to be a part of and is definitely a rewarding experience.

Who knows, maybe you can win a prowler too while you're at it...


I'd say the best thing from I3G is the support from Thib over the actual supplement. I've gotten back workouts, a bench press spec program, an Indigo program, and an Oly lifting program designed for Indigo. All gold. Doing the bench press spec now (w/o the leg workout) + extra back workouts.


Poor choice of words on my part :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn't be happier with the level of support. Though I'm not asking multiple questions daily, but people who are seem to get responses regardless of how many they ask. All I can say is that between Indigo and the support, this has been one of the best investments in my physique since I first picked up a weight.


Okay then I guess my only other question that hasn't been answered is as far as supplements go. I mean obviously the Indigo teams will be encouraged to use Surge WF and MAG-10 along with other Biotest goodies. I'm already stocked and good to go with the products I use now --- thoughts?


Obviously results might vary, as long as it's very similar to Biotest products go for it. Just don't drink whey before and during, that's obviously going to slow things down.

BCAAs are great during in place of MAG-10, then what ever super fast carb choice you have. I only use Biotest products so I can't comment. The only one I know for sure will work okay is BCAAs


I suppose it depends on what products you have, maybe list them here so I can get an idea. Surely it's not completely necessary to have the exact protocol, I'm sure something similar would work just as well.


I'd be interested to hear a little more about this. Sounds awesome.


Me too


The protocol is for optimal gains/ fat loss with IG3. It works great with the workouts and increased volume and blood floow. there is less muscle tearing so getting the proper nutrients in is very important. That being said i am one that is not using the proper protocol. IG3 broke my already small bank account along with applying to med school hard to find any spare money.

But i am seeing amazing results and CS and CT have been a huge help. I pester both of them with questions constantly and they are very prompt and always happy to answer. And if one of them is not around there is almost always somone knowledgeable on the spills that can help. It is a fantastic community and the company is more than genourous. The prowlers the tirps the free info the coaching. Pretty crazzy. The harder you work the harder everything else seems to work for your.


Went through a year where I thought this:
was a groin injury while I was captain of my junior team. Spoilers... it wasn't.

Been two years since then and trying to get a spot on my college's varsity team. Since skating sucked so bad, I spent a year playing rugby, and then May 2010 I took a weird tackle, fractured my ankle, tore my MCL and ACL, and then the hip issue was hurting and got brought to light by an MRI. It's almost been a year since the hip operation now.

My school's team has brought in like 12 recruited players or something this year. Some guys go pro out of the league my school's club team plays in though.