Reviewing Pre-Designed Programs

I’ve always designed my own programs and would always stick with them for too long or not long enough, and even when I stuck with them for awhile, I usually didn’t integrate any intelligent progression into them, but rather just stuck with them and increased weight when I felt like I could. No deloading, no change of energy systems. So I thought that I should try doing some premade programs for their full length until I really get a good handle on the individualization thing.

However, nothing really exists for lifting programs like the “New Diet Manifesto” ( All Articles - T NATION ) for diets. So I was hoping folks could list, rate, and review some of their favorite programs. It would be a good starting point for me and others looking to get a handle on what their body responds to best.

It would be great if people could lay it out like:

Name of program

Rating from 1-10

Review and comments on the program.

Maybe some personal info, like length of time training, weight, body-type, etc.

  1. TBT: the constant change in parameters allows you to make consistent hypertrophy gains. it also keeps things interesting. and b/c you dont go to failure (but i do anyways, just concentric failure though), you can keep going for a long time without changing the template.

2)ABBH: allows more volume per muscle group than TBT, and not as draining (except leg days, they’re tiring).

3)total body split training: allows even more volume per muscle group, while still hitting your muscles frequently (most would go with this program, but you have to be able to workout twice a day for this to work)

4)hybrid hypertrophy: you never separate training qualities (muscular strength, endurance etc…).

As you can see, i like frequency when i work out. I’m a motor moron (I “forget” my lifts and become weak easiliy if i dont perform a lift often) so i have to work a muscle (or movement) often. i knw that majority of people may need more volume than what a TBT workout may provide, so probably ABBH or total body split trainin would be the better options.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

sorry, i forgot the rating:

  1. 8/10

  2. 8/10

  3. 9/10

  4. 8/10

so i guess total body split trainng takes the gold

Tri-phase Program

8.5 (Will use again) (7lbs gained.)

This is a 10 week program with 3 stages, volume/intensity/frequency.
I saw some good gains from this program mostly the volume and intesity stages, even without a massive diet I was still swelling up. I always worked in the lower rep range 6-7 in the optional 6-10 rep ranges. I skipped 1/2 the 2RM week because I didn’t have a spotter and I honestly did feel any strain/growth coming from it.
This would be a hypertrophy focused routine as my strength never went back up to where it was when I was just on my upper/lower split.

This was my first real program I had been lifting for 1 year before this, .5 of that under actually semi-heavy weight. I got great gains on even a semi low carb diet (not newb gains either). Dont ever think I went over 120g a day except on cheat days. When I arrived at college I really wanted to blow up and noticed I wasn’t gaining like I should so I started taking in more. 180g on work days 60 on HIIT days.