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Reviewing My Cut Diet


Hey all, long time stalker on the forums. Been reading for well over a year, decided it was time to create an account and post. A little background:

-16 years old
-lifting for 2 years
-Wrestler for varsity team
-5 foot 8 1/4
-160 lbs 10-11% bodyfat
-3 full body lifting days a week, olympic style program. MWF
-3 conditioning/wrestling days a week TTF. All prowler and sprinting work when not wrestling that night

-Best lifts to date:
180 squat 3 sets of 8
120 bench 2 sets of 8 1 of 6
205 deadlift 4 sets of 8
95 snatch 4 sets of 8
125 powerclean 3 sets of 8
135 front squat 3 sets of 8

After a long offseason of bulking it is about to be September. I've upped my weight from 135 to 160. I plan on getting down to 145 to be as lean as possible. I've already got all my lifting and conditioning worked out. The last part is the diet. Any advice or recommendations appreciated.

Meal 1
1 cup oats
2 scoops Whey shake
2 whole eggs

Meal 2
6oz Lean beef
1 cup brocoli
1/2 cup cottage cheese

Pre Workout
Sweet Potato
1 cup brocoli

Post Workout
1 Scoop Whey
2 Bananas

Meal 3
8 oz Chicken Breast
1 cup cauliflower

Before Bed
1 cup cottage cheese
2 eggs

Total of 2285 calories, i determined my maintenace to be around 2700 which includes my daily activity level so i lowered about 500 cals from that and if i didn't lose within the next 2 weeks I know to lower the calories again.
About a 40/30/30 ratio a little off with the fats by about 7g. Any insight appreciated.


Bump, anyone?


I wouldn't cut if I were you. Get those numbers up! If you are actually 11% there is really no need to cut.

You are 16 years old, take advantage of your optimal hormonal levels for muscle building. Eat good healthy food, train hard, and rest properly.

Good job on the weight gain so far!


It looks like you have thought this through and I commend that.

The only thing I can say is that your protein is above 1.5 x Lean Body Mass.

1.5 x 145 = 217.5 (grams of protein) (244 - 218 = 26 extra grams)

Start off doing what you have written out here but if you feel sluggish before workouts try adding in 26g of carbs (pre-workout) and subtracting 26 grams of protein. If I had to pick a place to have a little less protein it would be your breakfast. Always eat bigger around your workouts, especially protein and fat after.

This will give you the same calories each day and valuable fuel when you need it.

Good luck.


That is great advice for the off season but he may have plenty of reason to cut weight.

Off the top of my head:
- The open weight on his team is 145 so to make the team he needs to cut.
- To avoid a tough state bracket he must cut away from the competition.

I also wanted to mention to the OP that you don't need to cut all the way to your weight class. You can hover 5 pounds above and suck-weight the night before a meet. I am sure you already know this since you are on varsity.


Thanks for the advice, and yes I realize about cutting weight the night before I did it all the last season leaving me drained and exhausted by time districts came around so this year I decided itd be better to get down lean beforehand and compete at that weight all year to preserve my strength.


You sound like you know what you need to do...

In your reply above you wrote "cutting weight the night before" I wrote "suck-weight" which is different. Cutting weight is losing weight while sucking-weight is manipulating water retention. If done correctly you shouldn't feel depleted and you should come into the match weighing at least 5 more pounds then your opponent.

To use a professional example, look at Forest Griffin. His training weight has been known to be as high as 245 but at the weigh in he is always right under 205. Forrest is "sucking" 35 pounds which is extremely high but he has a professional staff to consult him. When he steps in the ring he is much larger then his opponents.

To translate this into something you can use... Cut carbs 48 hours prior, cut sodium 24 hours prior, cut water 12 hours prior and you will drop 5-10 pounds in water weight. After you weigh in you need to replenish your glycogen fast so I recommend a supplement. Try Surge recovery or Power Drive or both and see which you like the best. You will need fast digesting sugar and Gatorade ain't cutting it.

Let me know if you need any other info as I am probably just rambling at this point.


I believe we're talking about basically the same subject, losing water weight to be able to weigh less than you truly are then immediately after the weighin replenish your water and get some fast acting carbs to be able to weigh more than you weighed in at during the actual match?