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Reviewing Fitness Programs


Hey guys and girls, at the end of the year I will no longer be a soldier and will become a student.
I have found during my time as a soldier that keeping in shape is relatively easy as an hour each day is scheduled as PT (physical training) and there is usually ample time after a normal working day to work on specific training for sports or job specific training.

As a student I will (I assume) be somewhat pressed with time (obviously also requiring a job to help pay the bills) and will have a hard time to comitt to sports for a while especially in the early stages. Also the town I am planning on moving too to study, doesn’t have any of the sports clubs I am interested in (Judo, wrestling, rock climbing etc)

My plan for the 2 years or so I am studying is to keep in shape by reviewing a list of “marketed” workout programmes… think along the lines of “seal fit, or 6 pack short cuts, or matt fureys combat conditioning”
I have personally never tried any of these programmes as i have always been able to make my own depending on what i was training for at the time, however i am curious to review these programmes as an extra curricular activity. And so if anyone in the future tells me they are trying some new fad programme i can possibly tell them how **** or awesome it really is. The idea came from another fellow soldier who is currently doing “6 pack short cuts” and is actually finding pretty good results from it.

Could you please list any fad exercise programme or marketed programme you can think of for me?

I am mostly interested in all over body conditioning programmes or combat sport related conditioning programmes and not **** like pilates or zumba as (zumba has very little strength training, and pilates almost no cario and too specific)
Ideally the programme should have a scripted programme (not one you create yourself) as i can do that anyway and tend to get sick of my own programmes after a while

Doesn’t cost too much (anything over $100 is probably a rip off but i understand that most of these will have some cost attached to them)
Doesn’t require too much specialist gear (institute i am studying at should have a gym altho i dont know how good it will be compared to the army ones i am used to)
last for approx 3-4 months (I dont think any 2 week programme could work and in 2 years i want to try as many as possible)


I am not holding my breath for real results but i assume even the most idiotic workouts will still have some fitness benefit.
Once my studies are over, i will be able to move to a place that has the sports and clubs i am interested in and will resume training for those specifically again.
Any help will be looked into :smiley: