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Review of Workout, Oly for Physique Competetor


So I used to be big into Crossfit and then strictly Olympic Lifting. I’m currently bulking up to compete in Men’s Physique, but I really miss the olympic lifts. Recently, I’ve been incorporating them, alternative the snatch and clean on leg day and jerk and push press on shoulder day before the rest of my hypertrophy work, so a sample workout would be something like:

4-5 x 3
Snatch Balance + OHS
4 x 5+5
Walking Lunges
4 x 20 (per side)
Lying Leg Curl
4 x 12-15
Leg Extension
4 x 12-15
Calf Raises
4 x 15-20

Would you say that this still gives me enough volume for sufficient hypertrophy? Would like to hear your take on it. Thanks!